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Keeping Somalis and the world informed by bringing the news (local and International) as it involves through first hand, up-to-date, unbiased and objective reporting.

Mission Statement

To unearth the truth in Somalia by creating programs designed to objectively inform, educate, advocate, and transform a culture of violence and hopeless to a culture of hope and peace. Keydmedia creates distinctive programming to help Somalia move from a failed state to a peaceful and democratic nation state. Programs designed to promote the rule of law and give voice to the voiceless and victims of human rights abuses. Programs that help de-radicalize the youth from religious and political intolerances and extreme ideologies. Programs designed to enlighten the lost generation about the Somalia history, culture, and achievements, and entertain by providing videos, music, and artistic expressions.

Core Values

  • Serving the Somali people both at home and abroad by providing reliable and objective news, and entertainment
  • Promoting national unity, building a foundation to keep the country united
  • Championing the cause for change
  • Advocating for democracy, freedom and tolerance
  • Upholding the Human Rights principles
  • Observing and respecting the media ethics and dignity
  • Keeping politicians, religious and civil society leaders honest and accountable.
  • Advocating for good governance and transparency
  • Nurturing a culture that is driven to achievements
  • Forming strategic partnership with international media organizations to galvanize the forces for change.
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