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Prospectivity and Petroleum Systems Modelling of the Offshore Lamu Basin, Kenya: Implications for..

(KON)-Report: Hydrocarbon Province* Olivia Osicki1, Oliver Schenk2, and Duplo Kornpihl3Search and Discovery Article #10700 (2015) Posted January 12, 2015 *Adapted from extended abstract prepared in conjunction with poster presentation given at AAPG International Conference & Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey, September 14- 17, 2014, AAPG © 20141Schlumberger, Gatwick, United Kingdom (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) 2Schlumberger, Gatwick, United Kingdom 3Schlumberger, Aachen, GermanyAbstract.

Islamic Preparation for Intercourse

By; Ibrahim Hassan Gagaale,(KON) - IntroductionTeaching or learning Islamic Sexual Relations is an important integral part of Islam. As Muslims are required to practice chastity (practicing only lawful marital relations) during their life and avoid all sinful sexual acts, they must learn Islamic laws that govern Islamic Sexual Relations which are widely explained in The Noble Qur'an of Allah (S.W.T) and inThe Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W) that consist of deeds and sayings of The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)]. Without learning Islamic Sexual.

Turning Ethiopia’s desert green

A generation ago Ethiopia's Tigray province was stricken by a famine that shocked the world. Today, as Chris Haslam reports, local people are using ancient techniques to turn part of the desert green.

Somalia moving towards brighter future

Piers Edwards Hampered by a combination of political unrest, a lack of funding and poor infrastructure, Somalia have entered qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations only once, in 1974.

Achille Mbembe writes about Xenophobic South Africa

Achille Mbembe — “Afrophobia”? “Xenophobia”? “Black on black racism”? A “darker” as you can get hacking a “foreigner” under the pretext of his being too dark — self hate par excellence? Of course all of that at once!

Business lessons I have learned from Somali traders

As a Somali associate of mine likes to say, when people think of Somalis, they only think of PTW (Piracy, Terrorism & War). As with a lot of Africa, sadly this narrative only focuses on the negative aspects of the community.

Somalia PM interview: We are ready for business

Interview — Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke became Prime Minister of Somalia for a second time in December 2014 and faces a tough task in preparing the transition to a new administration in 2016.

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