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The Story of Luqman in The Qur’an, The Wise Man

By: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale, (KON) - The story of Luqman is mentioned in The Noble Qur'an and Surat Luqman is named after him. Some Islamic Scholars say that Luqman was a prophet but the majority of scholars believe that Luqman was a pious man (religious man) granted with wisdom but not prophethood.

Commentary on the Visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Somalia.

Mr. Mohamud M Uluso (KON) - The total shutdown of the busiest “Elite Refuge Area” between Villa Somalia and Mogadishu Airport for security reasons inhibited the appreciation and celebration of the historical visit of US Secretary of State, John Kerry, to Mogadishu, Somalia on May 5 2015.

At Sea, Devo ured by Our Indifference

Roma (KON) - By Dr. Igiaba Scego. My father and mother came by plane to Italy. No run-down boat for them, they had the luxury of a regularly scheduled flight.

Somalia: The Unlikely 2016 Parliament Election reinstates 4.5 Clan Formula

Mr. Mohamud M Uluso The Somali people aspire to become citizens of a sovereign, reconciled, integrated, and peaceful Country under democratic parliamentary system of government constrained by will of the people and the rule of law. Free and fair national and local elections of peoples’ representatives and leaders at predetermined time are the main feature of the democratic government.

Clan Federalism Continues to Thwart Reconciliation and Democratic Governance in Somalia

KON, Mr. Mohamud M Uluso. As the communities of Jubbaland and Southwest are experiencing, close and peaceful communities in Mudug and Galgudud regions are suffering from the tragic consequences of political acrimony fomented by the denounced clan federalism under implementation without constitutional, political, and administrative foundations. Although there is an urgent need for effective self-governance, Mudug and Galgudud communities and their leaders did not receive adequate information about the rules and policies of ownership and leadership of the federation process at local and national levels. So far, each federation process has different dominant actors, backers, and arbitrary rules made up ad hoc.


Eng. Mahmud Hassan — It is bizarre the way Hawiye is dealing with the current federalisation in Somalia. While they have the largest and most resourceful land, they preferred to divide themselves into pieces of enclave lands and fight each other with donor expectations, while others are united and made their own legacy in Somalia and East Africa.

Wagosha Movement of Somalia: The Formula 4.5 in somalia is Apartheid system

London, (KON) – by: Eng Yarow Sharef Aden.Ladies and Gentlemen,It’s great honor for me to have this opportunity and share my experience and insight about the bad situation of what is called the minority groups in Somalia. First since there is no any fair and exact census for Somali population, I can simply say that there is no majority and minority in Somalia, but marginalization which is similar to apartheid and discrimination.

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