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Monday 19 March 2012 17:03

20 Al-shabab defectors surrender to Gandi militias

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia) – At least 20 Al-shabab rebels have on Monday surrendered to the clan militias loyal to Warlord Gandi on the outskirts of Afmadow town in Lower Jubba region of southwestern Somalia, just 620 km south of the capital, Mogadishu, sources say.

Teaser Image 20 Al-shabab defectors surrender to Gandi militias

Sheik Mohamud Khalid, one of Gandi militia commanders confirmed to Keydmedia English News that after the fighters complained of lack of food and forced marriages during their time with the Islamic militants gave themselves up.

“We decided to give up because we have experienced many problems. Our leaders of al-Shabaab commanders didn\'t get any food when we were at the frontlines,” said one of the youths who surrendered today.
The displayed 20 Al-Shabaab fighters are mainly youths between 10 and 20 years old, who surrendered to Gandi loyalists and they are originally from the ogaden clan.

On 21 November 2009, the Islamist Al-Shabab militia took control of Afmadow town, causing hundreds of families and also Western aid workers to flee in fear of violence, after another Islamist group, Hizbul Islam, left a day earlier, allowing Al-Shabab to move in without much resistance.

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