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Sunday 18 March 2012 17:03

Al-shabab rebels cut off communication line in southwestern Somalia

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia) – Al-shabab rebel group linked with Al-Qaeda has officially cut off all communication lines of Bardere town in Gedo region, southwestern Somalia amid tensions of fighting mounts high, residents said.

Teaser Image Al-shabab rebels cut off communication line in southwestern Somalia

Independent reports suggest that the insurgents have shot down the communication lines of several areas, including Taraka,Dhajaako and Dheele from Bardera town server in a bid to protect Somali and Kenya military advances towards their strongholds in Gedo region.

Meanwhile, Locals expressed concern over the mounting military movement in the area between Somalia government soldiers allied with neighboring Kenyan army and Al-shabab rebels linked with Al-Qaeda who now control few regions in Somalia.

The situation in the town is reported to be extremely tense as the rival sides reinforcing their military capabilities and intensifying the defensive lines.

Al Shabaab group is fighting Government troops and African Union peacekeepers known as AMISOM to introduce the country its harsh rule.

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