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Saturday 20 June 2015 14:23

Alshabab assault against Afgoye army base

Afgoye (KON) - Alshabab launched attack against Somali Federal government forces base in Aforye district the edge of Lower Shebelle region. The attack target was Bukayga checkpoint base for the federal government police station where the comanader was killed and wounded three of his guide.

Teaser Image Alshabab assault against Afgoye army base

Federal government force based Bar Islam made emergency  reinforcement  for the Mukayga base attack where alshabab  gained the control of the army base and  took armed vehicles in the base.  Alshabab managed to take the control of the area for several hours that made shock  the people in the Afgoye district which was base for the both federal government forces and northwest regions state forces

 Afgoye  is district member of lower Shabelle that connects the south and central Somali region. a  checkpoint that connect two main  roads  to the lower Shabelle and Bay/Bakol regions that end the order to the Kenya and Ethiopia .


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