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Monday 26 March 2012 15:25

Deadly mortar attack on Somalia palace kills two IDPs

MOGADISHU,Somalia (Keydmedia) - At least 2 people are confirmed dead and 8 others wounded in an overnight mortar attack on Somalia’s presidential palace in lawless Mogadishu, residents said on Monday.

Teaser Image Deadly mortar attack on Somalia palace kills two IDPs

Witnesses at an IDP camp nearby Villa Somalia in Mogadishu told Keydmedi English News that among the two dead people was 12 years-old boy and his father after a mortar shell smashed into their shelter near the former memorial of late Somali combatant Seyid Mohamed Abdulle in Mogadishu.

“These attacks were targeted at the presidential palace, Villa Somalia but they fell short and hit internally displaced camps killing and wounding innocent civilians,” another witness said.

The exact launching site for these mortars targeting Villa Somalia is not yet established, but it is the third time mortar attacks destined for the presidential Palace strikes civilian populated areas in Wardhigley district of Banaadir province 

Somalia government is in full control of Mogadishu and till now the exact places these deadly mortar attacks are launched from and usually these attacks leaves many civilians dead.

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