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Saturday 28 December 2013 14:01

Djibouti sends more troops to Somalia

NAIROBI (KON) — The Government of the Republic of Djibouti said Friday it is planning in the start of 2014, to send additional peacekeepers to neighboring Somalia, to boost the AMISOM force, Keydmedia Online reports.

Teaser Image Djibouti sends more troops to Somalia

1,000 Djiboutian combat troops would serve as part of the African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia’s Central region of Hiiraan, known as AMISOM that is fighting the Al shabab terrorist group, allied with al-Qaida.

Speaking on VOA Somali Service, Djibouti president Ismail Omar Gelle said that his government decided to dispatch more peacekeepers to Somalia to assist that country’s government defeat an insurgency raging since early 2006.

“Al shabab has been waging guerilla-style warfare since 2006, to oust the Somali government, but the group didn’t overcome in doing so,” said Djibouti president Ismail Omar Gelle. “They {Al shabab} don’t want peace and stability in Somalia, so they should be rooted out from the entire country.”

Djibouti troops are stationed in Beledweyne city, Central Somalia as part of AMISOM force currently consists of 17,000 soldiers from Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Burundi. The force is short of the 22,000 soldiers approved by the AU to help guard government institutions and train Somali security forces.

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