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Sunday 15 April 2012 16:13

Five die in a landmine blast in Gedo region, southern Somalia

GARBAHARAY, Somalia (Keydmedia)-Five people have been killed and 10 others wounded when a landmine blast exploded at a café in Garbaharay town, the provincial capital of Somalia’s Gedo region, witnesses said on Sunday.

Teaser Image Five die in a landmine blast in Gedo region, southern Somalia

Locals confirmed to Keydmedia Somali by phone from Garbaharey town that a senior Somali military official was targeted the landmine blast, but he escaped unhurt. Our correspondent says people were drinking tea at a popular cafe in the heart of Garbaharey district, when the bomb exploded.

The initial Reports about the explosion say that the most casualties were civilians who were nearby the café. Blood pooled on the sidewalk between the cafe and close bus stop. The unjured people were rushed to the hospitals in the town to receive medical treatment.

No group has said yet it carried out the attack so far. The attack is the latest of a series of suicide attacks staged by the Al-Qaeda-linked group of Al shabab in Gedo region - after being pushed out most the towns and villages in the province by Somali and Kenya forces.

Government officials in the area accuse Al Shabab of being behind the explosions in the region. Al Shabab plants mines and explosives to prevent advancing government forces towards their strongholds.

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