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Thursday 28 May 2015 18:37

Kenyan military invades Somali town, destroys homes

BELED HAWO, Somalia (KON) -- Heavily armed Kenyan military with bulldozers have crossed into Somalia's border and launched a house demolitions in Beled-Hawo town on Thursday, KON reports.

Teaser Image Kenyan military invades Somali town, destroys homes

A resident in Beled Hawo reported that a massive force of Kenyan troops surrounded the town and forced families out of their homes, then started to demolishing the houses.

The reason given by Beled Hawo administration is that the Kenyan government wants build a wall inside Somalia, a move which Nairobi plans to protect the rampant Al shabaab raids.

House demolition is typically justified by the KDF on the basis of protecting its territory from the cross-border attacks by Al shabaab militants based in the nighbouring Somalia.

Somali Gov't troops in the area have defended against the Kenya's invasion and house demolitions in Beled-Hawo, which is the entry and exit point of Kenya-Somalia border.

KON English News Service

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