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Friday 28 March 2014 15:59

Somalia: Killings, Criminal acts are becoming more widespread in Kismayo

KISMAYO (KON) - In the past 24 hours, at least 5 people were shot dead by the clan based Ras Kamboni militiamen in the southern port city of Kismayo, capital of Lower Jubba region, KON reports.

Teaser Image Somalia: Killings, Criminal acts are becoming more widespread in Kismayo

Kismayo is currently controlled by Kenyan army, part of AMISOM force and their allied clan militias loyal to Ahmed Madobe, former Al shabab commander who later reshaped Ras Kamboni brigade to rule the strategic port city.

The city is witnessing an increase of uncertainty  as the local residents voiced concern over the widespread acts against the security. Bodies of five locals were found Friday in parts of Kismayo after they were shot in the head.The militias fighting over Kismayo showed little apparent regard for the safety of civilians around them, including at a market and a medical clinic.

"On Friday morning we found dead bodied riddled with bullets at several villages in Kismayo. We really upset and devastated to see this event. This is a part of the indiscriminate killings against Kismayo residents by Ahmed Madobe's militias," said a witness.

Independent sources told KON that the victims have been snatched from their houses last night and shot dead somewhere in the city by Ras Kamboni militiamen in what seemed as a revenge of last night's land mine blast that killed a top security officer while driving in the city's downtown.

Ras Kamboni Clan militias allied with the Kenyan Defense Forces had reportedly murdered these people, among them businessmen in Kismayo.

Hundreds of local businessmen and elders already fled from the city due the ongoing violence in Kismayo, a seaside city located just some 500Km south of Somalia's capital Mogadishu.

Kismayo has been tense since May 15,2013, when some local clan leaders proclaimed a new semiautonomous regional state known as “Jubaland,” under the leadership of Ahmed Mohamed Islam, known as “Madobe,” the head of the Ras Kamboni militia who is now accused of committing crimes against humanity.

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