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Sunday 15 April 2012 16:06

Mortars hit on Somalia’ presidential palace

MOGADISHU, Somalia ( Keydmedia) – Witnesses say several mortars were fired late last night on at Villa Somalia, the country’s presidential palace in the chaotic capital, Mogadishu, the fourth attack in against the palace in less than a month, Keydmedia reports.

Teaser Image Mortars hit on Somalia’ presidential palace

“I can confirm that numerous mortars shells have hit on Villa Somalia. I do not know exactly if there were casualties or not,” a local resident who lives near the compound told Keydmedia English News by telephone from Mogadishu.

The compound locates in a heavily fortified zone in the heart of the in the coastal capital of the Horn of Africa nation Mogadishu. The attack comes as President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed out of the country.

Suspicion has fallen on remnants of the defeated Islamists, who vowed to launch guerrilla strikes against AMISOM, TFG and the Ethiopians whom they regard as illegitimate occupiers of Somalia.

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