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Sunday 20 April 2014 18:47

Somalia: One police dead and several injured after attempted jail break in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (KON) - One police was killed today and several others injured after an armed terrorist uprising inside Hargeisa prison.

Teaser Image Somalia: One police dead and several injured after attempted  jail break in Hargeisa

Several convicted terrorists  escaped the premises but were caught by the public and police units later today.

Some of the prisoners who were involved in the jail break had been sentenced earlier for various terrorist activities in Somaliland including the killing of the two British school teachers shot dead at Sheikh (SOS) secondary school in 2003.

Richard and Enid Eyeington, 62 and 61 were shot dead on 22 October 2003 in their house on the school compound in Sheikh. It is not clear what caused the uprising, but reports indicate that the prisoners got hold of weapons and fired on the guards before escaping the jail.

Police told the press that one  policeman  was killed and  five others injured some seriously during the confrontation with the escapees. Somaliland Rapid Response Unites (RRU) responded quickly and were able to capture all the escaped prisoners.

Security has been heightened around Hargeisa prison  , where a large number of public gathered hoping to find out the news about the attempted  jail break.

"This is a case that requires a thorough and deep investigation as it is not possible for an inmate to obtain a gun and fire at  prison guards “ a security expert told the press.

Hargeisa central prison has recently been reconstructed to accommodate prisoners with serious offences including terrorists , Pirates and other criminals.

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