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Sunday 11 March 2012 12:10

Precarious situation returns to Mogadishu after fighting

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - Precarious calm returns to some parts of Karan district in Mogadishu this morning after heavy fighting broke out last night between the joint forces of TFG and AMISOM forces against Al-Shabaab rebels linked with Al-Qaeda, residents said on Sunday.

Teaser Image Precarious situation returns to Mogadishu after fighting

The clashes on the outskirts of Kaaraan district in Banaadir province was a fierce one and both sides sustained unconfirmed casualties of death and wounds, although the actual loss aftermath attack was not yet established

Eye witnesses told Keydmedia English News station in Mogadishu that overnight conflict was fierce and the sound of gun shots and mortars could be heard from Argentine in Kaaraan district and beyond locations even some stray bullets reached the neighboring residence

There is no comment yet from either party in the battle that forced hundreds of local to flee from their houses in fear of casualties as both sides have been intensifying the war. 

Residents have confirmed there is calm at the scenes that experienced heavy fighting last night between TFG troops backed by AU soldiers and Al-shabab rebels.

The outskirts of Kaaraan district and Huriwa in northern Mogadishu have experienced several times in the past such clashes after Al-shabab insurgents pulled back from the capital last august  in 2011.

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