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Monday 25 May 2015 17:02

Somali military forces vacate town, allowing Al shabaab to come back

JANALE, Somalia (KON) -- Somalia's armed forces have vacated town in south of the country, allowing Al shabaab rebels to return and take over the city without a battle, KON reports.

Teaser Image Somali military forces vacate town, allowing Al shabaab to come back

Hundreds of gun-toting Al shabaab fighters in fighting vehicles poured into Janale town, 110Km south of Mogadishu shortly after Somali army left the town on Sunday night for unknown reasons, according to the residents.

"We woke up to our city controlling by Al shabaab militants standing at every corner, searching houses and telling people that Janale is under their control through loudspeakers mounted in cars," said a resident who resisted to remain anonymous for security reasons.

The take-over of Janale becomes the 3rd town in Lower Shabelle region recaptured by the militants who are staging 7-years insurgency to unseat to UN-mandated Somali federal government based in Mogadishu.

KON English News Service

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