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Wednesday 3 June 2015 19:39

Somali president appoints new ambassadors to U.S. and Turkey

MOGADISHU, Somalia (KON) -- The president of Somalia's federal government Hassan Sheikh has appointed Abdullahi Sanbalolshe as the country's new ambassador to Turkey, according to confidential sources.

Teaser Image Somali president appoints new ambassadors to U.S. and Turkey

Mr Sanbalolshe who served as the head of Somali national Intelligence and security agency (NISA) becomes Somali envoy to Turkey, to boost the diplomatic ties between the two nations.

President Mohamud also named Ahmed Isse as the Somali ambassador to United States of America, replacing Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke who quit the post following he was appointed the prime minister of Somalia in last December.

Isse who is hailing from Puntland region is close ally to prime minister Sharmarke as they worked with UN assistance mission in South Sudan for several years in the past, according to the sources.

United states of America and Turkey are currently the main backers of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his government, which is battling Al shabaab militants-linked with Al Qaeda.

 KON English News Service

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