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Monday 27 February 2012 13:11

Somalia: Body of Young Boy Discovered in Galka’yo town

GALKA’YO, Somalia (Keydmedia) — The body of young boy was found this morning laying on the heart of Galka’yo town, the capital of Mudug region of central Somalia, witnesses and local residents said.

Teaser Image Somalia: Body of Young Boy Discovered in Galka’yo town

The dead body was discovered near a police station in Galka’yo town where he was spotted in overnight by unidentified people, according to locals.

Witnesses told Keydmedia English News that the body was put there on Monday night by unknown people, sparking fear and shock among the internally displaced people (IDPs) living at makeshift shelters in Galka’yo town.

It is not still clear who is behind the killing and putting the corpse of that young guy there, but the security officials of Somalia’s Galmudug state promised to prevent civilians from harming.

Galmudug officials believe that the man was killed last night by IDPs after he tried to rob their belongings-a report that could be independently identify.

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