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Sunday 23 February 2014 16:01

Somalia: Kismayo residents fear new clan fighting

KISMAYO (KON) — The security situation in Somalia’s southern port city of Kismayo, capital of Lower Jubba province is becoming worse day after day over the last year, Keydmedia Online reports.

Teaser Image Somalia: Kismayo residents fear new clan fighting

String of killings, bombings and mass arrests targeting local Elders, Tradesmen and residents have been on the rise since The clan based Ras Kamboni militiamen took control of Kismayo city from Al shabab militants in late 2012.

At least three civilians were injured and a woman was killed when IED bomb tore through a military vehicle carrying Ras Kamboni militiamen went off near Haji Jama mosque in the city’s faanoole neighbourhood on Saturday (22nd February).

After the city fell to Ras Kamboni militiamen, residents have been suffering mass executions and looting being committed by Ahmed Madobe’s militias.

“The killings and looting against civilians are daily and nightly occurrences….We  call on Ahmed Madobe and his militiamen to go back their home town and let the locals in Kismayo to decide their own future,” said a local elder who declined to be named.

He said Ahmed Madobe is not welcomed in Kismayo and he should leave the city soon. The clan rivalry centers on control of revenues from the port, which is one of Somalia's most lucrative business hubs.

Elders say the challenge is now on the weak Mogadishu-based Federal government led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who failed to establish stable control over Kismayo.

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