Al-Shabab-Hisbul-Islam and Somali Prime Minister Mr. Sharma’arke

MOGADISHU( When you look at Somali’s political issues deeply, you find something very confused and very complicated to be understood because of the leading political individuals of Somalia who are not ripe for it therefore they target their interest based on what is called N.G.O which never exists for long.
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Al-Shabab-Hisbul-Islam and Somali Prime Minister Mr. Sharma’arke

Some of the policians’s purposes and objectives is clear and could be signs to be recognized while some of them are unidentifiable individuals and they don’t give speech to the media which they believe will know and discover about him/her as prime minister of the transitional government Mr Omar A/Rashid.  

After interim government was established in Djabuti early 2009, the government was thought to be effective and would handle something about the political and religious differences between Somalis because of the new individuals joined the political system who were President Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed and prime minister A/Rashid Ali Sharma’arke.

They were expected to make visible changes for right side which could be something better according to former politicians and heads that had passed the ladder that  these statesmen were walking on.

Both the president Sharif and prime minister Sharma’ake were close ally and each of them had a good confidence and trust to one another in the early months of 2009 although there was rifts emerged in April of that year as the apposition leader Sh. Hassan Dahir Aweys returned to the country back who is the head of is the islamist militias of Hisbul-Islam.

Some of the readers might argue and say that this is not true and the possibility that two warring groups could collaborate is what the brain doesn’t accept, but let’s see and read the story below before you say that.

Abdulahi Ali Hashi, who is senior official of the islamist militias of Hisbul-Islam and encouraged Sh. Hassan Dahir Aweys to restart war against the transitional federal government is said to be Omar’s uncle and Omar is believed involvement of Hisbul-Islam in that way.

On the other hand, he relates to  Fu’ad Shongole, top leader of islamist militias of Al-shabab who are both from same region of north east regions of Puntland and the prime minister took steps to reconcile and apologize to these groups.

United Nations development programs ‘UNDP’ was following the Prime Minister Omar A/rashid’s movements and it’s what they knew to do and they are very much admired to that activity he had on that issue.
UNDP encourages that Mr. Omar is independent and no one could deprive his position since he worked for the United Nations many times and the  profile below portrays UN’s support of Mr. Omar

  • Political Adviser, Darfur-Darfur Dialogue and Consultations (DDDC), Seconded to the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS), Sep 2006 – Sep 2007 
  • Political/ Civil Affairs Officer, Civil Affairs Division, UNMIS, Sudan, Jan 2006 – Aug 2006
  • Political/Civil Affairs Officer, Civil Affairs Division, UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, Aug 2000 – Dec 2005.

State minister of defense mininstry Sh. Yusuf Mahamed Siyad’Indha’ade accused prime  minster Sharma’ake of working with islamist militias who were close to the presidential palace saying that the prime minister refused to give him military support that could be prevented from the waring goups against the transitional federal government that led Indha’ade to leave from the government.   

The commander of the military army in Dharkenlay district went to the presidential palace and met with prime minister Omar A/rashid in oder to get military help on Thursday 17th June,but the commander was told that he would be given ammunition and the military help next Saturday, but army in Dharkenlay district was attacked on the next day 18th on Friday,June as sources close to the military departments said in secretly.

Ahlu-suna Waljame’a focrces in the capital Mogadishu were part of the heavy fighting against  the anti-government elements of Al-shabab and Hisbul-Islam which was happening the latest months, but  they emptied the frontline positons they were at duty to lack of support from the transitional federal government and AMISOM as senior official of Ahlu-suna Waljama’a told adding that the prime minister’s involvement of that issue.

The prime minister A/Rashid is blamed for many angles even the tax system of the seaport by collecting money from the businessmen in Dubai and commercial ships bring to customs house documentary verifying that they had already paid tax and gave to prime minister, the fund is suspected that they are supported to the waring Islamist groups, reports said.

There are reports indicating that prime minister A/Rashid and UNDP are planning to hold peace talks in Puntland which one of the waring wing Hisbul-Islam would be invited and Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys is likely to attend the talks and it is aimed at how the president Sheikh Sharif would be replaced to another president though there are conflict between prime minister Sharma’ake and president Sharif about the new constitution.

If the prime minister behaves like how the reports and accusations declare, this will give rise to the remained square kilometers where the government backed by AMISOM control will fall into the hands of the Islamist militias who control most of the country.

We know that differences won’t solve the problems and it is better to prevent the emerging conflicts to be managed through negotiations.

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Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.