Conflict between two very closest colleagues Sharif Ahmed and Sharif Hassan?!

MOGADISHU ( long process of giving birth to the newly chosen primer minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo, T.F.G president Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed was very much interested in that the nomination after the task was to be approved by the lawmakers.
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Conflict between two very closest colleagues Sharif Ahmed and Sharif Hassan?!

As every body, party, group or government expects something for positive side doesn’t always happen as well as it was intended for circumstance and the environment surrounded by.

The nomination of Mr. Farmajo later, the new prime minister, he (the premier) spoke to the local and international media for not more than three times and told and promised only what a new political appointed politician might be expected to say.

In his first speech at the time he has been chosen in Villa-Somalia, Mr. Farmajo told that he will focus on security affairs, peace and stability restored to the country where Islamic militant militias control central and southern Somalia adding that he would fight against these groups.

His second speech was when a large of women gathered at the presidential palace that were prepared to show him support and encouraged him to lead the country into good future with pure policy.  

Speaking to the women, the prime minister’s eyes came on tears and promised that there will never be corruption acts and financials loss which his government would do next.

He also rejected what is called 4.5, the government system now saying what is said half of people and people are the same in all aspects, he said.

The Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi said that he will not build his cabinet ministers with 4.5 systems, but he would choose them with their knowledge.
In my view of point, this was not something bad according to good leadership, governance and in Islam itself.

But some of the parliamentarians angered with prime minister’s speech about the elimination of 4.5 and other topics related to the next cabinet ministers’ selection.
This angry and misunderstanding about Farmajo’s address brought a quick press release from prime minister’s office and was said that his speech about that issue was misinterpreted.

The president himself said something about the prime minister’s words, adding that he will not do something out of their charter.

His third speech was when president Sharif led him to the parliament session where he was supposed to be given vote of confidence and equally he repeated his first task would be security solution and remove Islamist militias from whole Somalia adding that parliamentarians will get their rights as he is approved.

As parliamentarians were to take vote of confidence, parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam put in doubt the approval of the prime minister bringing a question whether vote of confidence taking would secret ballot or a form of raising hands.

This move led mps to quarrel in the hole, causing division to the lawmakers themselves although most of them didn’t want secret ballot, but the speaker Sharif Hassan supported the minority of the mps who liked secret ballot.

However that day parliament assembly concluded with failure and mps were then informed to return on the next Saturday which was the day before yesterday and it was also cancelled for unknown reasons.

President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed condemned parliament speaker of violating the constitutional law and does everything he wants from the parliamentarians and called for Sharif Hassan to stop evil acts against the interest of government, adding that the prime minister should be approved with out secret ballot which Sharif Hassan likes.

Equally yesterday afternoon, Sharif Hassan parliament speaker also issued a press release calling president Sharif not to interfere parliament’s task and insisted that vote taking would be secret one.

This shows the difference between both the president and parliament speaker is in its worst situation since 2006.

Parliamentarians usually expect to plunge into their pocket the note written ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ that means the dollar not Som. Shilling as bribe if they want to pass a motion on the table other wise they sound like empty vessels by no giving respect to the interest of the country and people either.

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Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.