Differences between president Sharif and Prime Minister Sharma’arke gets worst!

MOGAISHU (Keydmedia.net)-the differences between Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sh.Ahmed and his prime minister Omar A/Rashid Ali Sharma’arke has gone into its worst condition since the transitional federal government was set up in Djabuti early 2009.
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Differences between president Sharif and Prime Minister Sharma’arke gets worst!

The divisions between these two top heads of the transitional federal government backed by the United Nations emerged late last year and early this year which is still going bitterly while their government controls a few areas in the capital, Mogadishu.

The early misunderstandings between these men based on naming ambassadors to foreign countries, reshuffling cabinet ministers, firing government authorities, replacing directors from position to other and the military system reforms and so on.

But the differences strengthened late August of last month when an independent committee issued constitution for the country which the president Sheikh Sh. Ahmed strongly opposed the constitutions while the Prime Minister Sharma’arke welcomed it.

Somali prime Minister Omar A/Rashid went to Nairob, Kenya last month in order to persuade the international community to the conflict between him and the president Sheikh Sharif Sh. Ahmed and requested them to interfere their misunderstandings.

U.N special envoy for Somali affairs ambassador Augustine Mahiga has arrived in the capital, Mogadishu and had talks with Somali president Sharif early this month, but their talks were secretly one although reports close the presidential palace indicated that they were almost about the dispute between the prime minister and the president.

Somali Prime Minister Sharma’arke returned back to the capital from the Nairobi, Kenya where has been for at least two weeks in which he had meetings with the international community.

After he had talks with some of his cabinet minister and Mps and requested them to take part solving divisions between President Sh. Sharif and him, the prime minister.

Somali president Sharif Sh. Ahmed gave speech to the Parliamentarian’s session to day after he had attended that meeting and talked about the conflict bitterly and he suggested to parliamentarians to handle something on going crisis which he meant the constitution and the dispute itself.

Sharma’arke also spoke to the media after the president’s speech in the parliament session boycotting the president’s words and told his cabinet will not ask mps vote of confidence tomorrow and come to the session near time.

Contradicting speeches are given to the media everyday by the prime minister and the president which only worsens their rifts only.

The two heads want to force each one to leave office, as their dispute emerged and there are no attempts to mediate both top authorities of the transitional federal government.

Lawmakers and cabinet ministers are divided into pro-president Sharif and pro-prime minister Sharma’ake functions and they found large fund of bribe from both sides by lobbying and supporting each wing.

This conflict came a time Islamist militias of Al-shabab threatened to finalize what they called holy war ‘Jihad’ against the transitional federal government backed by the African union peacekeeping forces in the capital, Mogadishu.    

It was better for these politicians to take lessons from past experiences which the transitional federal government occurred and the conflicts among previous heads like Ali Mohamed Gheedi, Abdhulahi Yusuf Ahmed, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adam and Sheikh Adam Madobe that all these individuals passed.

Fortunately Ethiopian government used to interfere the situation and also used to send diplomats in Somalia solving the differences arises, but today Ethiopian government is not very much interested in current Somali political issues since former president A/lahi Yusuf disappeared from policy who was close ally to it and the international community is watching the film which president Sharif and Prime minister Sharma’ake are acting now.

No one can forecast where the alarming stage of both Sharif and Sharma’ake faced now will remain, though it great chance for the Islamist militias who would make use this opportunity.


Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.