Hello, Gaarane!!

Dr. Ismail Malaas Nairobi (Keydmedia.net) - Criticism is the only thing which builds something and also destroys vice-verse, but it depends on the way or manner it’s presented or suggested, but being professional journalists, we keep ethics of the journalism and we accepted your criticism, Mr. Gaarane, but this doesn’t mean that all criticisms are always right.
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Hello, Gaarane!!

Critics pay reactions to the articles written in our website have thr right to say their views on it, they should be as well as every side would not harm and cause something worse such Gaarane.
Hey, Gaarane, you have said something about an article which was written on Keydmedia.net and was about Professor Mohamed Abdi Gandi whom you were not satisfied with his behavioral acts and ambitions in which he requires to do next times.
We Keydmedia.net encourage all educated and uneducated Somali people in the Diaspora to help their people in the country through giving fund and moral support and even if they can’t give wealth, they must advocate for and ask international community to observe their humanitarian situations and human abuse in which they sometimes face in the war torn country, but we don’t mean other purposes.
Although there are individuals and politicians like Prof. Mohamed Abdi Gandi who thinks of what seems to be dark future later if he insists of his ambition of having regional administration based on a single community or clan (Ogaden) in the valley regions of Jubba .
This issue emerged when he refused militias trained in Kenya who are from his own tribe to be sent to the capital, Mogadishu in order to join the T.F.G forces as he was defense minister of the transitional federal government and his government fights against the insurgents planning to oust the weak government backed the United Nations.
Forces of one clan can never bring successful goal to an independent autonomous regions, mixture of troops are needed and are the best when talking administration and government also and confidence among functioning soldiers in every system.
Hey, Gaarane, as we know neighboring countries don’t like Somalia to have a strong national government, but always like the setback and without the development and lack of the governance.
Former president of T.F.G and also former presidents  Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and General Adde Muse believe that they have share in the southern part of the country.
They always like to get high political positions from governments set up and might have the right to have great influence in the south Somalia being in Yeman now who are talking about how a man from (Darood) individual would nominated for the next prime minister and Sharif Adam gets large campaign for that matter.
Ahmed Godane, leader of insurgents groups linked to Al-qeada and international foreign terrorists is from northwest is responsible for igniting wars in the south and in particular, the capital of Mogadishu.
He doesn’t like to see south Somali in peace and prosperous and stable and he humiliated all Somali people in the south saying that he indicated them with out wisdom.   
There are evil words used in Somalis political system, that the word “Others’, we can say it’s humiliation against some Somali community.
However, unity is important for whole community, but divisions and grouping or thinking of day dreams which will never come true in any way.
Dr. Ismail Malaas - Nairobi - keydmedia.net Correspondent      

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.