How do we understand terrorism? What were major terrorist acts in Somalia?

DJIBOUTI ( terms terror and terrorism are both foreign words in English language and they were first used in 1793-94 in the French revolution, but has taken on additional meaning in the 20th century though it was extremely used in the media after the 11th September attacks of twin towers in the United States of America in 2001.
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How do we understand terrorism? What were major terrorist acts in Somalia?

The word terrorism means frighten and something dreadful which is used in violence and other factors based on the hostility, horror and killing innocent civilians and is against humanity.

The terrorism is not an act or something derived from Islam and or other religions like Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism and it’s not fair for Islam as Islam is for peace and the best way to judge a religion is to read its scripts in order to know the reality about this issue.

There are many definitions given to terrorism and it’s very difficult to define, but there are terrorist groups, which use organized guerrillas for their goals, and there are terrorist governments, which use armies and weapons of various degrees of destruction against innocent people as what America do in Iraq and in Afghanistan and Israel in Palestine and in Lebanon. I think what America and Israel do is the good definition of Terrorism.

In Somalia, we can say what happened in the latest three years were terrorist acts which were massacred many people in different regions in Somalia, although most of these evil acts against human life took place in the capital Mogadishu where the violence is continuing now.

In Baidia, heavy road side bomb occurred in 2007, killing large people including T.F.G authorities and injuring other number and the attack was aimed at former Somali president Abdulah Yusuf who lost his brother in that blast.

In Puntland and Somaliland of break away regions, there were also deadly suicide attacks in 2008 which were killed scores of Somali people and wounded dozens and destructions of buildings there.

In Belet-weyn, car bomb attack took place which was killed hundred of Somali innocent civilians, elders, peace seekers, officials including Colonel Omar Hashi Adam, minister of security affairs of the transitional federal government and former Somali ambassador for Ethiopia, A/karim Farah Lakanyo in 18th June, 2009

In Mogadishu, there were many deadly suicide attacks, land mine explosions or shillings which occurred in different times like 3rd December, 2009 in a graduation ceremony that was taking place in Shamo hotel and attended by T.F.G ministers, professors, doctors, students and journalists, and the four ministers, doctors, journalists, students and other guests were massacred there.

The attack of Hotel Muna, Halane attack, and the suicide car bomb attack at Mogadishu international airport and the blast of mosque in Bakara market were all killed many people who were not even part of clashes between warring groups in Somalia were terrorist acts.

The endless fighting between the transitional federal government backed by AMISOM and Islamist militias of Al-Shabab and Hisbul Islam forced people to flee their homes and terrorized acts against them which always cause death and injuries in the capital Mogadishu can also be described as terrorist acts and terrorism itself.

Every thing: fire, stone, stick which is hit to somebody can also mean terrorist act also heavy sound which takes place around the person which he/she is unaware of and all things that could cause shocking to human are the terrorist acts, let alone killing people deliberately for political reasons and so on.
All groups in Somalia like the Islamist militias of Al-shabab, Hisbul-Islam, the transitional federal government and the African union peacekeeping forces in the capital Mogadishu do human abuse and their acts are based on terrorism and the surprise is the reaction they pay after human loss.

"It is wrong to kill innocent people. It is also wrong to praise those who kill innocent people."

These are the words of religious leaders in the world who talked about the terrorism and the evil and shameful claims that extrimists claim the responsitblity of the attacks they carry out in any area.

Terrorism is not restricted to arms and bombs.People could be terrorized and harmed via other means, such as hunger, torture, deprivation from medical care, economic sanctions on a large scale, and to displace people and so on.

Therefore this shows that terrorism is strong and wide in meaning and some of Somali people may understand the word terrorism in one or two meanings only, in particular a naked aggression against Islam and Muslim people, we should first understand the thing before we take any step forward what ever it is. ?

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Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.