Is it lawful money what is called ‘Lego’?

Words which doesn’t have the real previous meaning known are largely increased and used in Somalia after the central government destroyed early 1991. The words are not Somali only but also foreign words which are commonly confused while heard being used in different meaning than you know.
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Is it lawful money what is called ‘Lego’?

When people who know Italian language heard the word ‘Lego’ they say the word is meant something lawful and equally means the English word ‘Legal’, but the question is how was it used, where was it placed appropriately or not?

Militias whose appearance and the areas they are in would not make you happy and are very armed are seen sitting or standing at checkpoints through the streets and high roads in the capital and in other parts of the regions.

These militias put checkpoints for purposes of managing their daily bread and such buying green leaves known as Kat and the money is mainly collected from civilian buses operating in the towns, in particular the capital of Mogadishu.

There are no save buttons that most of these robbers’ guns have and this is part of the way make conductors, drivers and people on board frighten and there is no fixed quantity the money assigned to be taken from ‘PL’ passenger load.

Hundreds of conductors and drivers have been killed for reluctance of paying the demand of the militias and that seems to be example of healthy ones no to bring word from their order.

People on board pay money given to those robbers excluding the bus fare in fear of their lives because these can either go through passengers or open fires and also may order the drivers to park the cars or trucks.

These checkpoints lay in the small areas where T.F.G administrates and in the other zone where Islamist militias against the government controls.

T.F.G side, the checkpoints are still under control of former warlords in Mogadishu and money is managed as it used to be once before being the warlords in the government now.  

Sometimes they fight with the income they receive from civilian buses and exchange fires that kill and wound themselves and this people explain that the money was unfair and its root cause of their conflicts.    

There is something very fantastic: Militias put checkpoint where their tribe is strongly resides, but they cannot put blocks or rob people in residences away from where their clans have no ability.  
This is a tool and techniques which peace-seekers and elders could use and face the situation while searching for solution to those worst problems
Checkpoints lay also in all of the world sea and on the earth, but different than those of our armed Somali militias robbing their people and are based one regulation and order with calm states.

the government was required to manage these militias and cover their needs in return of for that, it can recruit them by giving them training and sufficient care that will never remind them to do evil acts in the present.

Ugandan that its troops are in Somali for peacekeeping purposes also have passed these conditions of putting blocks in the streets and rob people while Somalis use two irons for making blockades they used to put two dead bodies’ heads’ on the roads, but now they have achieved all that and passed and they gain large people for tourism and that is quiet exact example.

Ugandan forces in many African countries for keeping peace. 

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Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.