Self-arming & Conquering is a Fallacious Policy in Somalia

Ayuub A. Aden (Keydmedia) - President Abdurahman Farole of Puntland believes that his policy of arming Puntland Autonomous State and conquering the rest of the country is quite feasible, and yet, he may be right about it.
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Self-arming & Conquering is a Fallacious Policy in Somalia

Paradoxically, his mental frame and policy guidelines conjure up the antithesis of peace and stability in the region that the world community is trying to patch up for the war torn country after 21 odd years of anarchy and social strive in the country.

Regardless of how the UN enforces arms embargo resolution on Somalia, Mr. Farole has succeeded to getting a way out and armed Puntland Autonomous State to the teeth.

Ironically, Farole has succeeded of hoodwinking the UN Security Council by convincing them that he wants to fight with piracy and al-Shabaab, while flooding Puntland with awesome military gear that can easily destabilize entire regions of Somalia within weeks. This is more than outfoxing the UN arms embargo resolution. We might hear next that he is rewarded in doing so.

It is reported that an anonymous donor from UAE has donated the purchase of military arsenal amounting to USD 50 million to Farole administration that include: Half a dozen gunship chops, a dozen armed navy ships, tanks, mobile light armor trucks, fleets of 4WD heavy caliber gun mounted trucks, an assortment military gear and ammunition of 15-20 thousand metric tons. reported: The arms delivery and SARACEN service is still on going. The awesome military establishment has grown so big and so fast in few days that the command center has been moved to Qow hinterland location in Puntland. SARACEN carries on training programs, and handles arms procurement, maintenance services and supply of spare parts.

The question is: Who is such an extravagant donor that circumvents decade’s old UN embargo resolutions and throwing millions of USD to left and right and arming a nascent regional state? The SEMG has to learn the shadowy investor and bring him to the court of justice.  

No question that Mr. Farole has made a formidable military scoop in Somalia by acquiring shipments of sophisticated military arsenal at cost free bargain. But he is not alone. His position is backed up by President of the TFG Mr. Sherif Ahmed who assigned SARACEN to Puntland for training a security staff component to offset the threat of piracy and al-Shabaab expansion in the region.

Fact on the ground is quite different. Having a rapid development force of 2,000 strong battlefield security forces in place, Mr. Farole can wipe out a couple of hundreds of Sheikh Atom’s followers in a single day military engagement.

Rather, Mr. Farole has proved to coexist with Sheikh Said Atom’s ragtag followers, while keeping afloat the lucrative piracy business run by family members and distant cousins that serve him for a tangible purpose- It is a way of drumming up looming threat and vulnerability, while rallying up and harvesting the sympathy and support of the UN and other well-wishing nations that live up to save Somalia.

Regional leaders in the region are familiar with the mental working of Mr. Farole who wears two hats: As an erratic President of Autonomous region and as clan chieftain from prominent sub-clans in Puntland.

With that, Farole has the possibility of engaging into a new round of conflict in Somalia by arming loyal guerrilla infiltrators to destabilize neighboring regional states for territorial expansion and clan supremacy.

The question is: Who is fooling who? Both Somaliland and Galmudug states believe that the UN and the TFG are in concert with the belligerent guy, and that’s why President Sherif Ahmed has called the UN to lift the arms embargo on Somalia as a way of legalizing what Farole has already in stock.

Whatever the SEMG and UN will come up with their midterm update, Farole remains an unpredictable powder keg in Somalia.

Mr. Farole is on temporary dilemma. However, he is capable of coming up with a plausible alibi of keeping his military gear in place.

What will be then the position of the Security Council of addressing the arm shipment?

Handing the arms over to the Central Government of Somalia?
Keeping the arms under the tight custody of the UN?
Supplying similar firearms to Somaliland and Galmudug States to offset Farole threat?
Restraining Farole hands and leaving the arms for his discretion.

Taking account of the prospect of the newly found oil reserve in Puntland, Farole was expected to play a state man role in the region by promoting peace and stability good for all. This line of thought is still viable.

Ayuub A. Aden – Sana’a – Keydmedia Political Analyst -

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.