Sharif Hassan, parliament speaker: Checkpoint & barrier to the Somalis government system

MOGADISHU ( is a complete story about Somali parliament and parliamentarians themselves since they are lawmakers and top government officials whom we want them to lead us and whole the country into a better way.
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Sharif Hassan, parliament speaker: Checkpoint & barrier to the Somalis government system

Lawmakers or legislators are in high position in the government system, therefore, they are responsible for to set rules, regulations and constitution for the country and also solve differences among government leadership.

It was better for parliamentarians to correct the wrong between authorities of the Transitional Federal Government and should take part solving rifts which arise every time during hard time and war against rebel groups who are going to topple them.

But this doesn’t always happen and they are divided into two groups and some their characteristics are quarreling, whistling and shouting in their assembly when they are expected to approve or take vote of confidence for cabinet ministers or elected prime ministers and also some other political issues.
You may never say or believe that parliamentarians are old people, let alone educated, gentle and honourable representative for whole Somali community and law makers who could be hoped from something important.

Yesterday on Wednesday is clear quiet example of Somali Transitional Federal Government Mps who are thought to be children crowded in hole like sport-field and ordered them to shout or a group welcoming New Year.    

Remember the dismissal of former parliament speaker Sh. Adam Modabe and how Sharif Hassan held this position also the way Omar A/Rashid left office after he disputed with president Sharif Sh. Ahmed about draft constitution prepared by independent committees and current parliament speaker’s (Sharif Hassan) role on differences between government top officials.     

Sharif Hassan was close ally to president Sharif and he had great influence in president Sharif’s decision-taking and he took part in persuading Dr. Omar A/Rashid Ali Sharma’arke to resign and it happened on 21st September last month having income commitment from Sharif Hassan Sh.Adam.

This was meant that parliament speaker Sharif Hassan to put Mr. Sharif Sh. Ahmed on condition that the next prime minister would a person who listens to him and fulfils his interest, but it did not happen as he was expecting, associates of both Sharif’s said.

Somali president Sharif’s nomination of new prime minister Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed ‘Farmajo’ caused conflict between him and Sharif Hassan, but Sharif Hassan decided to take revenge in the parliament session  when giving vote of confidence to the premier and yesterday is enough evidence for us.

Parliament speaker opened the parliament session yesterday on Wednesday 20th October and president Sharif together with his newly elected prime minister attended the parliament’s assembly requiring his Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Farmaji to be given vote of confidence.

President Sharif spoke in the parliament meeting yesterday and he requested from the parliamentarians to give his nearly nominated premier Mr. Farmajo to be given vote of confidence adding the new prime minister will conform to the charter of the Transitional Federal Government and hoped mps to carry out their responsibilities.

Parliament speaker Sharif Hassan who was chairing the parliament session brought a question about how the motion would be either secretly and or a form of raising hands while member of parliaments giving vote of confidence to the prime minister.

Most mps suggested that vote confidence-taking should a way that lawmakers raise their hands as it used to be while a few others preferred a secret form and then immediately parliament speaker reached a decision supporting the minority of the mps saying that it would be secretly ordering  boxes should be brought.

Misfortunately for a loud sound in the parliament hole by major of parliamentarians who were angry with his speech, and then he closed the assembly and told mps to be back on the next Saturday.        

There were arguments in the parliament hole that angered with Sharif’s bad behavior and what he had done yesterday after the meeting ended with dispute and misunderstanding and failure.

Showing that they would not accept from evil acts that he’s doing, threatening that they will force him leave office and will bring him before the justice, adding that they will once whistle him (the Sharif Hassan)

President was not present at the hole when these problems were occurring but he had heard them in his office, but this was what might be expected from Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam whose checkpoint is very difficult to be removed according to his evil access of giving bribe to the individuals against him and understand his puzzles.

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.