Somalia: Humanitarian Crisis and the Ability of the Society. (Madina-Hospital)

MOGADISHU ( - Humanitarian crisis in Somalia, in particular the capital Mogadishu gave chance to the local non governmental organizations and the international agencies to seek large fund and aid for the people in the worst condition in Somalia.
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Somalia: Humanitarian Crisis and the Ability of the Society. (Madina-Hospital)

But when the international community answers their calls towards helping Somali people and receive the help and humanitarian aid including food and medicine it is believed that they don’t  give to the people in need or to the appropriate area and some of the fund return to their own pocket becoming  rich ones.

It’s rare to see welfare agencies developing health centers in the capital Mogadishu which are in need of help but in return for this they entertain and contribute what they get to inappropriate areas where there is no problem like Mogadishu

Fighting between T.F.G backed by the African union peacekeeping forces and the insurgents caused large casualties that reached innocent civilians in the capital and the exchange of heavy shells between these groups is the result of the daily death and injuries.

Madina-hospital is one of the major medical centers that receive the largest war victims in Mogadishu and many patients are lying now whose conditions are very bad, but medical personnel of Madina-Hosptial are giving health services.

Most of the injures in the hospital wounded in the shells and clashes between warring groups in Mogadishu.  

Dr. Mohamed Yusyf Hassan is the director of Madina-Hospital; he told that there are no agencies they get help except ICRC that only supports the hospital adding that hospital staffs are doing their best caring patients.

Giving an interview to Keydmedia, Dr. Mohamed Yusuf said that patients are daily brought to the hospital having wounds from all organs of the body and they always need help.

In statement issued by officials of emergency ambulances in Mogadishu told that they have collected 4,260 dead and 12,567 injuries during 2009-2010 of the civilians which they have taken to the hospitals in the capital only, but the estimate the dead is said to be over 70 thousand while 1000 others wounded.

The ability of the society is normally getting better for doing welfare to their poor people who are in the worst conditions seeking the right help, service and if they do their best and collaborate they would be out of the problem INSHA_ALLAH.

Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.