Somalia: Peace distant and famine compounded

Alkhaleej - The United Nations has spent on peacekeeping forces in Somalia, in a period of famine between 2010 and 2012, more than one billion dollars, while the specialty of the Somali refugees daily amount of food aid, 10 cents per day, because of the \"budget deficit.\"
Somalia: Peace distant and famine compounded

I talked to reports, (05/02/2013), a recent study showed that about 260 thousand people died during the famine that hit Somalia between 2010 and 2012, and half of them children under five years of age, says a report by the United Nations with funding from the \"Network early warning systems of famine \", American, known as\" network Fuse. \"

She said the organization \"Food and Agriculture\" of the United Nations (FAO), that there is a need for urgent humanitarian aid. The crisis caused by the severe drought which Zadeh worse, the conflict between rival groups jostling for power.

The number of victims was more than the number in the famine, 1992, estimated at about 220 thousand people.

Said Rudy Van UConn, vice president of the organization, \"FAO\" for Somalia, said that \"the reaction was slow.\" \"The lesson is that the humanitarian community should be ready to take early action, failure to act only when the Declaration of famine, little impact. There has been a half before the declaration of famine injuries. \"

The Organization \"FAO\" she said earlier, The real Alfdahh of this human tragedy, had emerged for the first time, through a study conducted by the organization in conjunction with \"Fuse network.\" They suggest that what happened in Somalia, was one of the worst famines in the past twenty-five years.

The United Nations has declared famine the first time in July 2011 in the southern regions of Bakool and Lower Shabelle in Somalia. And were subject to the control of \"Islamic youth group,\" allied with al-Qaeda.

The youth movement denies the existence of famine, and bans on many Western relief organizations working in the areas under their control.

The famine spread later to other regions, including the Middle Shabelle, Afgoye and camps for displaced people in the capital, Mogadishu, controlled by the government.

He died of an estimated 6.4% of the total population, and 10% of children under the age of five in southern and central Somalia, the report says.

In Lower Shabelle, died, 18% of children under five years of age, and in Mogadishu, 17% of them.

Somalia was most affected by severe Baqaht year, 2011, which is long affects more than 13 million people across the Horn of Africa.

Has left tens of thousands of people from their homes in search of food.

The United Nations has declared famine again in February / February, 2012 for the report, and in the site Counter Punch, (07.05.2013), books (a journalist who lives in Eritrea), Thomas Mountain, the United Nations announced that the number of Somalis who died of starvation in 2010 -, 2012, including the period of great drought in the Horn of Africa, was 250 thousand people at least.

Most of those who died of starvation, internally displaced, having been displaced as a result of military invasion and occupation, which are subjected to two southern Somalia, at the hands of the Ethiopian army, backed by the United Nations, and then by the forces of \"peacekeeping\" of the African Union, which has a population of Day 25 A man.

The writer recalls that the United Nations, the specialization of its budget 10 cents a day, for food aid provided to each Somali refugees, ????? the lack of budget, saying: We want to help, but we do not have the money.

However, the United Nations has spent and its Western masters, during this period of mass starvation, more than a billion dollars to finance the \"peacekeeping mission\" in the rest of the country.

The writer asks speech: billion dollars for the war, leaving 250 thousand Somalis starve to death?

He continues: Perhaps helping to understand the reasons for this happening, know that the head of the largest \"non-governmental organization\" of food aid in Somalia, UN - ie, \"UNICEF\" - is Anthony Lake, former national security adviser in the United States, which was nominated One day, to be the director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, \"CIA.\"

And separates by saying, The Lake, is the famous remarks outrageous, in which he declared \"regret\" not to take any action in Rwanda, although it was knows for sure, that the mass killings taking place there, the day was on his work, the right forearm President Bill Clinton in 1994. The writer asks denounced once again, of the \"CIA\", to \"UNICEF\"? Is it surprising that mass starvation occurs under hearing and eyesight in Somalia?

And goes on by saying: Today, while talking machines publicity in the western media about \"peace and democracy, which Ajaian to Somalia for the first time in a generation,\" memorable in a way, how the Somalis themselves have brought peace to Mogadishu in 2006, to surprised invasion Ethiopian-backed United Nations, it goes with the wind.

The writer says, that the news channels television, had been some individuals Alsomaliaan Mudéjar, cast interviews rhetorical boring, for \"taking Somali reins,\" while standing behind the cameras \"peacekeepers\" armed to the teeth, by the United Nations, which stands behind the tyranny of banks and capital in the west.

The truth is, as the writer says, is that there is no force, no matter how, you can bring peace to Somalia from the outside, and that the Somali people alone, is capable of doing so, when the leaves would solve their problems.

In 2006, the Union of Islamic Courts succeeded for the first time in 15 years, but in vain, because armed intervention ordered by the United States of America, and its affiliates in the United Nations. And continues to this armed conflict, which is funded and managed from abroad, to pay hundreds of thousands of Somalis to leave their land and homes, leaving them starving thanks to ten cents a day, which enjoys them by the United Nations.

At the same time, flowing into Somalia more weapons from the West, where calling for a \"Pax Americana\" to lift all restrictions phantom on entry, all in the name of the \"war on terror\", which is in fact, a war on the Somali people, who wills his destiny that live in the center of the Horn of Africa, at the Bab el-Mandeb, the Forum of the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, upon which the major economies in the world, in the carriage of goods by sea.

The writer says, that writing about inhumane major crimes, committed by the United Nations in the Horn of Africa, has become even more painful to continue. But, when you send United Nations Tdtija to tell the world that the quarter of a million other Somalis died during the past two years, due to mass starvation, what one can only to raise his voice again, in protest against the Ahahh people with their faces on television, and pretend that they do not listen?

(Thomas Mountain, is the most widespread among independent journalists in Africa, he has lived in Eritrea since 2006)

Source: Alkhaleej / Prepared by: Omar Adas

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I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.