The history of Somali country and people

MOGADISHU( Somali geographically locates in eastern pole of Africa and is strategic land which international sea-line passes which connect indian ocean and Red sea and it had historically an ancient civilization because of alot names used to be known early times as scent land and horn of Africa and ralations that somali community used to have with world was also historical factor as ties among somali and other countries like Egypt, India, Arab and French.
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The history of Somali country and people

Since Somali are Muslim community and the religion reached them in the 3rd century of Hijria and that fascilitated by Arab Island through safe line purpose, but not with war and sword.   

Somali had customs and traditions, the same at all including the language which the colonists hated them and Ahmed Gurey was the first man who started protests against colonists and fought with them, Ahmed had relations with Osmani’in control.

European countries had agreed to colonize African countries and divided Somali country into five parts, that step angered Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan who confronted colonists with an armed protests in 1884.    

There were Somali leaders who fought with the foriegn empire and are in a golden pages of the somali’s historical freedom fighters like Sheikh Hassan Barsame, Suldan Olol Diinle, Sheikh Bashir, Nasib Bundo and so on.

Somali yuoth league was established in the south somali by 13 yuoth whose objectives were to unite somalis and take compaign to free somali people from the colonists and reach  them indepencdence in 1943

Equally in the north, another parties were established for freedom seeking where english colony was colonizing and SNL was liberal and leading one there.  

An election which was about internal adminstration was arranged where the parties attended and SYL won that election and Adam Abdulle Osman was chosen to be speaker of the parliament while Abdullahi Isse was elected to be prime minsterin  1956 before the independence.

Somali took independence from both conial states of Italian and British in 1960 and government was set up headed by president Adam Abdulle Osman know as Addan Adde, then next president president was A/rashid Omar Ali Sharma’arke in an election in 1967, but power coup  took control of the country safely and the military army headed general Mohamed Siyad Barre became the third president of Somalai.

Governments might have critics and real developements in the positive side, the military government is remembered the writting of somali script in 1972 and other succesful achievements, but there were other negatively action after the military rule bombarded northwest somalia.  

The military rule headed by President Siyad Barre was austed in 1991 by armed guerrilas who fought themselves to whom the administration would lead and plunged  the country into endless choas and inherited somalis what is  so called 4.5

After the collopse of the government, there were clanish fighting and  warlords who were almost in the capital Mogadihsu, bu mid 2006 Islamic courts union toppled the warlords and controlled the south and central somalia with  six quiet months, but ethiopian could not bear that and overthrew the Islamic courts.

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I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.