Yesterday was Hotel Shamo & Today is Muno? Pair of Catastrophe events

MOGADISHU( after the collapse of the central government headed by president Mohamed Siyad Bare in 1991, the country has passed many political stages and natural disasters like draught, hunger and endless civil wars.
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Yesterday was Hotel Shamo & Today is Muno? Pair of Catastrophe events

International community made a lot of attempts to re-establish government for Somali people in order to gain good governance that fills the gap and handle problems which has arisen after the former government missed. Temporary governments were made in outside countries for Somalis by international community and countries that were very much interested in Somali’s affairs, but there were always obstacles that used to cause failures.

The warlords were the major factors of the failures for the efforts of international community because of how they would share power as every word lords wanted to be the head of the built government. Warlords were almost based in the capital, Mogadishu and they were very armed, but their appearance were missed after the Islamic courts union who confiscated the capital and southern parts of the country where they were controlling six months before they were toppled late 2006.   


Clannish disputes and other misunderstanding changed into what is said to be religious war which large of Somali people lost their lives and others wounded while thousands fled from the capital to where they could reach and find life better than this one. Clashes between the transitional federal governments backed by African union peacekeepers and Islamist militias of A-shabab and Hisbul-Islam inherited Somalis to the hostility and shocking events, we are setting our eyes day after day.

Let’s glance at one of the worst shocking tragedy which happened in Shamo Hotel on Thursday morning 3rd December, 2009 last year where out-going graduators were supposed to be given their testimonial of bachelor degree in medicine for they have been studying six years in the war-torn capital city, Mogadishu.


The hole was highly well decorated one and the graduation ceremony was prepared in a beautiful manner where government ministers, doctors, professors, students, journalists and other honorable guests were invited to the long awaited occasion.

Heavy explosion shook Shamo hotel where the graduation ceremony was going ahead and killed over 25 people of all parts of the population including 4 government ministers like:  Prof. Ibrahim Hassan Addow, Ahmed Addulahi Wayel, Qamar Adam Ali, and Suleyman Olad who died for injury in Saudi hospital and wounded other dozens there. The government told the explosion was made by a man dressed like a woman who suicided him self in the occasion, but sources found late told that the man who exploded him self was normally dressed person.


The responsibility of that attack was claimed by Al-Shabab insurgents and added that the students were learning worms. Another dreadful disaster is the suicide attack that was killed over 33 people including 6 members of the parliamentarians and wounded 30 others at Hotel Muna in Hamar-weyne close to the presidential palace on Tuesday, 4th August last week.


Two armed men got into the hotel Muna massacring all people who were in the hotel either they are Mps, officials, peace-seekers, shoe-polishers and other civilians around the hotel and the armed made suicide in the hotel after they killed 3 dozens and injured other numbers.

Spokesman of Al-shabab militias Sh. Ali Dheere claimed the responsibility of the suicide attack and said that Special Forces trained for performing like this operations had committed which we had killed over 70 government authorities, he said.


We could all know that the actors are Islamist militias of Shabab who control south and central Somalia and major parts of the capital Mogadishu, but the questions is,” who gave them the available chances  to perform these acts?” The government knows where the shoes pinches, but it doesn’t like to make clear for the public, but in adversity it condemns Al-Shabab and Hisbul-Islam militias for the attacks happen who are against it.

Reliable source close to the current speaker of parliament told that Sh. Hassan Sh. Adam came at Muna Hotel minutes after the deadliest attack took place and saw number of the dead persons laid the site and went back to his office which was not far from the hotel. Some of parliamentarians who are Sharif’s colleagues moved from the hotel a day before, reports said.


When the catastrophe occurred, president Sharif Sh. Ahmed, Deputy Prime Minister Prof. A/rahman Ibbi, information minister Eng. A/rahman Yarisow criticized that attack and sent condolence messages to the relatives and families of the dead ones and begged the dead ones that their soul rest in the paradise, but what happened to the parliament speaker? Was not it good for the speaker of the parliament Sharif Hassan Sh. Adam to be first person to express sorrow about that act on which some of parliamentarians were among the dead whom he was leading or the story is, “silence is a sign of acceptance.?”


The two suicide attacks which happened at both Shamo and Muna hotels where the government controls show that every problem could possibly take place being involved by top government authorities.

Without high intelligence and secrets found from the interim government backed by African union peacekeepers, nothing more could happen as some of the for-sighted people believe.

By: Seeko & Nero


Article 21 May 2021 10:14

I read your article on Foreign Policy with keen eyes and interest. While whining from public officials does not deserve response from any sensible citizen of the Republic of Somalia, I felt compelled to counter false narrative with more objective analysis.