Effective action of Somalia’s Kenya Diplomatic Relations

Effective action of Somalia’s Kenya Diplomatic Relations and Its Consequences of Regional and International Standpoints — Saleban Cisman | First uneasy diplomatic action of Somalia for a decade of civil-war, after restoration of fully recognized sovereign state is worth-enough in Kenya to explain violation of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, as well it will have a deep consequences, to the regional and international arena of diplomatic relations between them.
Effective action of Somalia’s Kenya Diplomatic Relations

The anger and protest ledger were made after the Somalia’s parliament speaker show his graveness, followed by a swift ministerial conference on Sunday night at Mogadisho, about the issue of Kenya’s cruel action against Somali Diplomat that had resulted the recall of the two highest Somali Diplomats from Nairobi, and sent Kenya’s foreign minister a protest letter demanding to explain the action.

The East-African neighboring state of Somalia and Kenya has emerged prompt diplomatic tense, after the arrest of Kenya’s police Consular Siyad Mohamed Shire the Consular of Somalia to Kenya, this comes after Kenya

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

Somalia is on the move. It is pushing for foreign investment, and large infrastructure projects are changing the face of its scarred capital city, Mogadishu. These developments could promise better fortunes for Somalis as the country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic