Kenyan Somalis are Guilty Until Proven Innoncent

M. Iftin. H —Hundreds of ethnic Somalis living in Nairobi's Eastliegh neighborhood have been arrested following Monday attacks that killed six people in the Somali populated neighborhood.
Kenyan Somalis are Guilty Until Proven Innoncent

The explosion targeted a food kiosk and a bus stop during rush hour as people made their way home in the evening.

In response to the bombings, Kenya security forces launched a robust crack down knocking through the doors of the residential apartments and hotels and arresting the people indiscriminately.

"They arrest even those of us who have national identification cards only because we are Kenyan Somalis. They only listen to you when you start bargaining on how much money you have to be released," said Kaltumo Ahmed, a mother of 5 children.

Kenya has seen a spate of deadly attacks in the past few years, which prompted the government to take stern measures to handle the deteriorating security situation. These attacks were always blamed on the Somalia

Editorial 29 April 2022 13:51

Somalia is on the move. It is pushing for foreign investment, and large infrastructure projects are changing the face of its scarred capital city, Mogadishu. These developments could promise better fortunes for Somalis as the country emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic