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Somalia: Walking On A Tightrope Of Human Rights And COVID

Editorial Dr. Sadia Ali Aden | 6 March 2021

At the outset let me say this: It is an inherent human right to protest and express one’s views and political belief without being subjected to suppression or harassment. However, with freedom comes responsibility. In this time of the deadly pandemic, common sense dictates that public gatherings of protest must be COVID-compliant. 

Why Civil War is About to Erupt in Somalia

Analysis Michael Rubin | 24 February 2021

Somalis and the international community now have a choice: civil war or Farmaajo’s exile. There is no longer a middle ground.

Impending Disastrous Dictatorship in Somalia Under Watch of Int’l. community

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 23 February 2021

The international community guards and finances the government of Somalia on regular basis. It spends billions of dollars on Somalia with the purpose of impeding Al-Shabab takeover of the country and keeping peace, stability and democratic process in order to enable the country to be independent for its own affairs in the future. 

Keydmedia Lists

News Keydmedia Online | 7 April 2021

Border clashes between Ethiopia’s Afar and Somali regions have killed at least 100 people, a regional official said on Tuesday, the latest outbreak of violence ahead of national elections in June.

Al-Shabaab suffers worst loss in years to Somali army

News Keydmedia Online | 4 April 2021

Sources tell KON that the SNA chief himself escaped unharmed from a car bomb explosion that was targeted his convoy carrying troops at the Lafole area near Mogadishu while heading to the attacked areas as reinforcement.

Janan breaks silence, accuses Madobe of being dictator

News Keydmedia Online | 1 April 2021

Janan has surrendered himself to the Somali government in exchange for $2.3 million offered by NISA head Fahad Yasin.

Articles from a year ago

Keydmedia Time Machine

Report 7 March 2021 11:23

U.S. defense and intelligence officials have long considered the Somalia-based al-Shabab one of the gravest threats emanating from Africa, targeting the group with 53 airstrikes in 2020 and  63 airstrikes in 2019.


Guidelines for Democratic Clan Based 2016 Electoral Model

Analysis Mohamud M Uluso | 7 July 2020

Mohamud M Uluso - The purpose of this article is to provide rationale and guidelines for the adoption and implementation of “Clan Based 2016 Electoral Model” as the better option between the four Electoral models suggested by Somalia National Consultative Leadership Forum (SNCLF). 

Part 5: A Different Perspective For Long Lasting Peace And Stability In Somalia

Editorial Dr. Mohamed Warsame ‘Kimiko’ | 1 September 2014

Keydmedia Online - Dr. Mohamed Warsame 'Kimiko' - « Previous Page | The international community’s labeling of Warlords/Faction Leaders — The descriptive names given by the Somalis to the elements involved at their various stages of regression and the reasons why they do not consider them as leaders and deny them such labels have been sufficiently explained in the previous pages. However, for reasons of ease and uniformity henceforth we shall use the international community’s label: “Warlords or Faction Leaders”.

Somalia: Fiscal Budget and Federal Government legitimacy

Article Mohamud M Uluso | 31 August 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — Recently, I came across a document titled “Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) - Appropriation Act for the 2014 Budget,” consisting of Act No 00005 and financial statement. The theme (goals) of the Budget document is “enhancing State capacity for peace, justice, Economic Recovery Program (ERP) and Public financial Management.”

Summary executions in Somalia

Article Keydmedia Online | 25 August 2014

Laetitia Bader — Recent executions in Somalia put the quality of justice delivered by military courts into question.

Part 4: A Different Perspective For Long Lasting Peace And Stability In Somalia

Editorial Dr. Mohamed Warsame ‘Kimiko’ | 23 August 2014

Keydmedia Online - Dr. Mohamed Warsame 'Kimiko' - « Previous Page | The Role of Warlords in Exacerbating Crisis — The evolution of the Warlord/Faction Leaders phenomenon — Knowledge of both the background and an understanding of the reality on the ground are necessary elements in the search for appropriate approaches and solutions to Somalia’s prolonged political crisis.

Part 3: A Different Perspective For Long Lasting Peace And Stability In Somalia

Editorial Dr. Mohamed Warsame ‘Kimiko’ | 19 August 2014

Keydmedia Online - Dr. Mohamed Warsame 'Kimiko' - « Previous Page | This book is an attempt to present a brief but yet complete and clear picture of the socio-political landscape of Somalia and offer some concrete suggestions that will solve the country’s seemingly intractable political crisis.


Article Keydmedia Online | 18 August 2014

Nairobi (KON) - At least 370 people have been killed and over 1,075 others injured in terrorist attacks since October 2011 when Kenya took the war against terror to the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia, according to an analysis of reports by The Standard.

Recovery of Somalia’s Overseas Assets: Ill-considered priority

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 17 August 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — The accusations for corruption and abetting terrorism against the federal government gained momentum and credence for the discovery of substantive evidence.

My SMS relationship with al-Shabab

Article Keydmedia Online | 17 August 2014

Mary Harper — Al-Shabab, the militant Islamist group operating in Somalia and Kenya, likes to communicate with journalists by SMS. But receiving their text messages and talking to them on the phone can be an unnerving, and at times surreal, experience.

Ugly Clan Federalism Sparks Fresh Turmoil

Editorial Keydmedia Online | 10 August 2014

Mohamud M Uluso — The formation of federal Member States (FMS) without legal and political consensus sparks fresh political and social turmoil in all regions of Somalia. It is unequivocally clear that the federal system based on clan ownership of territory has become major obstacle to national reconciliation, peacebuilding, and statebuilding in Somalia. It polluted the notion of state, citizenship, and Islamic values and intensified clan rivalry and vanity within the Somali society everywhere.