The Discordant Well Water - The Somali Political Tragedy (Part 1)

By By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan Once I heard the opinion of a man on TV about theater; he said “Theater is the lie that tells the truth.” In a sense, the following is a lie that tells of the following truths... the truth about our political orientation and the actors who embezzled the will of the People more than half a century, in fact this is a humorous look at how pathetic our leaders are...very tragic indeed.
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Scene 1


The hypocrisy of Political Conventions  

It was never an easy undertaking of seeing Somali warlords and other leaders of political function groups of various political denominations agreeing on common grounds leading to peace and stability for their beleaguered country, and particularly in the southern regions of Somalia. This is the rule rather than the exception, and the actors never fail to get a free ride ... a partisan backup from the world community. The following hypothetical meeting was called by a peace brokering core group led by Da'ad and his close associates- the conscience of the intellectual segment that still remain in the country. It was the 1st of its kind called by non-partisan local group, who was seen a midget impostor.

Fro the outright, other function leaders suggested that the meeting ought to take place in Nairobi, Addis Abeba, Djibouti or elsewhere where participants feel more secured and pampered up during their stay. Nabad-diid, in particular, is for a neutral grounds inside the country, like in the proximity of Discord well. Da'ad extended the invitation to all function groups operating in the southern regions to take part of the upcoming consultative peace brokering conference to be held at the suburb of Mogadishu. A couple of them have showed a lame interest to participate, while others not even bothered to send a brief note of excuse not to be there for the meeting. Not that Da'ad fell in the category of the least likable person that stood for the stability and development of his country, but other leaders had nothing to share with his genuine standing, short of lining up their pockets. Beside Da'ad and his shortlisted partners, there was Nabad-diid, clad with field military outfit and flanked by a dozen of his top advisors slang with their AK47, and with a good supply of ammunition in back bags. There was also Dibbir, a legendary opportunistic character with scores of security staff tailing behind him and a couple of his confidants following in tow. As of lately, Dibbir changed his bellicose attitude for the better, during social gatherings and peace conventions hoping to be forgotten, or rather forgiven for the crimes he had committed during his freelance robbery and summary executions of political contenders. Without of their consensus, Nabad-diid chaired the meeting and opened the discussions. He questioned the merits of holding such a convention without meeting his expectation in earlier failed convention, and said:

“Where are the rest of the political function groups expected to be here?”
Da'ad: “We made sure they had received the invitation letters.”
Dibbir: “By the way, we have not yet formalized the chairmanship of the meeting. Would you please step down and nominate a member of your followers for the secretariat staff position to represent you,”
Nabad-diid: “This time I have to lead the convention,” he argued.
Da'ad: “How can we achieve a political milestone if we cannot agree on simple matters, such as organizing a temporary secretariat service- good for only the current meeting?”
Nabad-diid: “Who ruled that we have always to follow the foot steps of others?
Da'ad: “We have to select the secretariat staff to expedite our deliberation. That is the rule and not the exception,” he advised.
Nabad-diid: “We don't need to selecting a few note-keeping intermediaries. We can do all the same by ourselves without them,” he stressed.
Dibbir: “I don't appreciate the way you are addressing us. You have a long way of becoming a mellowed politician. You can't over-ride our points of view.”
Da'ad: “To make short of a long discussion, we are here to understand and prioritize the social and political problems facing our people who are waiting us to deliver their needs, in particular, in the Southern Regions of the country. Leaders lead their people to peace, stability and progress, and so far, we are no way near to committing ourselves to solve the outstanding problems,” he advised.
Nabad-diid: “We don't have such problems you are talking about in our regions. We have already provided peace and stability to the likeness of the people. Thieves face chopped hands, prostitutes face the lash of the whip and the food commodity price is stabilized.” He went on to enumerate his political success and added: “Now we are mobilizing the masses to farm in one hand and liberating the rest of the country in the other hand.”
Da'ad: “In a way, that is a positive step you made so far, but the people need more than that. They need fairness and equality. They need freedom of speech and association. They need freedom to choose their leadership and democratic rule in general. They want to live in an environment free of fear and persecution, and much more” he explained.
Dibbir: “Da'ad, what type of government do you envision for the country?
Da'ad: “Multi party, open democratic system of government where the president and vice president are elected on national suffrage.”
Dibbir: “I see that you are putting us out of the political arena.”
Da'ad: “No, you can try how far you can go. Write down your political autobiography and put yourself on the political slate of your party, and sell your program to the people. The people is the master of the destiny of political aspirant from now onwards.”
Nabad-diid: “That is where we depart. I don't think any further discussion is relevant for my presence here with you, and I hope you reconsider your views in the upcoming convention,” he remarked and stormed out of the meeting. His entourage fallowed after him hastily and departed without further ado.
Dibbir: “nabad-diid is a difficult leader to deal with. He is bombastic and stubborn. He can not be in line with anybody, even including me. I wish I had stayed home instead of coming a long way herewithout reaching an accord.
Those who remained in the meeting quizzically stared at him who was dashing ahead of his group on his way home and shook their heads in amazement. The Discord Well Water

Part 2 11.08.2010

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan ( ) - Correspondent

Editorial 13 May 2021 2:35

The current Somali government, whose mandate ended, came to power with the expectations of massive reforms in institutional and development settings. President Farmajo completed his term in office without paving the way for consensus-based elections; instead, he messed up the growing Somali institutions and the trust-building processes.