The Discordant Well Water - The Somali Political Tragedy (Part 3)

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan (Please Read Part 1 & 2 first)
Editorial Keydmedia Online

Scene 4 

The unexpected Night Development Before each one has taken an easy spot to lay down the aching body, they heard what they had anticipated the last to happen, and yet becoming a reality unfolding before their eyes. On the onset, the peace-keepers had a turbulent night that will keep them excited and vulnerable, and time to sleep seemed unpredictable. It was frightening sight to see so many armed fighters moving at nighttime and on the same route. For sure that development called an early skirmishes at the Discord well ground. 

Hushed questions and answers flew here and there among the group. They heard the cadent thuds of foot soldiers marching on the way. “I see them being reflected by the fading light of the setting moon,” exclaimed Cabdi Agoon. Dulmidiid and Da'ad crunched behind turfs of grass to verify the swelling crowd on the way. “Yes, there armed cavalrymen and camel bone fighters plodding and elbowing each other on the tarmac road” whispered Dulmidiid. Row after row, they formed a moving human wave, and then swallowed up by the advancing darkness of the night. Soon followed a contingent of armed donkey riders, then the heavyset group leading donkey carts laden with field provisions led by Colaad. Before he drifted into a deep sleep, Da'ad heard more noises on the move. He turned his head to 

Dulmidiid and murmured: 

“I hear low voices coming down the road. 

Dulmidiid: “Yes, I hear it, too” 

Da'ad: “Who are they?” 

Dulmidiid: “I have no idea who they are. Wait and see.” 

Ebla: “I'm not comfortable with the new development of the night. I want to know more about it.” 

Da'ad: “I hear the muffled noises, too. They are close and coming down the road.” 

Dahabo: “Do you see anything yet,” she inquired. 

Dulmidiid: “Wait... I hear now feet shuffling sound on the tarmac. They must be coming close,” he reassured 

Lugey: “Yes, I see the dim shapes of armed crowd in military formation passing by. They are young kids. Oh... Almighty God...! They can hardly carry the gun...! Who recruited them...?” 

Da'ad: “Nabad-diid. Adult fighters are in short supply these days, but children are easily manipulated.” 

Shamso: “Who are they? Where are they going? I wish I know their age group...!” she inquired. 

Dulmidiid: “Mostly, they are orphaned kids and those displaced from rural communities. On the top of being under-age, they carry guns slang across their chests, while swaggering with bulging back bags on their backs. Could these be food... ammunition... or both?” he whispered. 

Gacamey: “I think they are participants of the convention on their way to the Discord well,” he floated 

Da'ad: “I hope you are right. I have no other explanation.” he echoed. 

Dahabo: “ Perhaps the cavalry function wants to take over the Discord well before anyone else.” 

Da'ad: “I hear now another wave coming on the way. Let me see who they could be.?” 

Dulmidiid: “They are following the first expedition. I hear their muffled voices. Soon we shall see who they are,” he assured. 

Ebla: “This is a weird night...! I see light complexion men with floating white ropes, flowing bears and turbaned head dressing on the march. They look peculiar and at odd with with the rest. Who are they? Where are they going...? “Where did they come from...? she inquired. 

Da'ad: “They are expatriate fighters allied with Nabad-diid function. 

Isniino: “Why are they here...? 

Dulmidiid: “They are armed homeless entity that thrive on chaotic grounds.” 

Shamso: Who exported them...? 

Cawrala': “Other fugitive ultra-radicals have invested in them to locate fertile land for their survival,” she explained. 

Xusuley: “Whose is the leading warlord...? 

Faroole: Colaad, brother-in-law of Nabad-diid. 

Jamca: “What's their political orientation...? 

Da'ad: They call themselves the martyrs of the black flag. They, too, must be going to the Discord well. 

Ceebla': “Aha...That confirms the rumor I heard that all conflicting political parties shall be meeting at the Discord well this week; but I thought that foreign contingent has no place in the local quarrels. There must be an explanation,” Cebla' emphasized. 

Isniino: “I heard that they are married with the local women and do not consider themselves as foreigners. They believe that a Muslim is a brother to all Muslim brothers and to that end, they are at home.” 

Jamcaale: “Why they are part of our problem? 

Dulmidiid: “Oh...They are international Jihadists. This is an extra, new phenomena that exasperates our regions. Jihadists do not believe statehood, international demarcation lines, or national affairs. They are floaters in search of fresh grounds to wage war with the international system of law and order.” 

Ceebla:”Then, they are our number one enemy, and we have to deal with them before they outnumber the local residents.” 

Jamcaale: “I think you are right. They are the problem, but we to get the material back up to clean up the mess,” he argued. 

Xusuley: “Now I see the weird of all. I wonder who are these crowd. They carry pickax and shovels. What they are doing with such implements at nighttime? 

Ali Bidaar: “They are the grave demolishing units. 

Isniino: “Why they demolish old graves...? What could there be besides old bones...?” 

Da'ad: They have some qualms, even with the dead saints. 

Abdi Agoon: “Besides, they are skilled homeless entities.” 

Ebla: “Oh yes... ! Now I see donkey carts laden with loads of supplies and being led by Dulmi-ku- Naax millionaire. This group has a considerable clout on the perpetual anarchy of the country. They keep their foot on the neck of the peace and the local economy on the expense of the rest of the population, no matter what...” 

Ebla: “Do you see any women formation in the groups?” 

Isniino: “Wait... Wait...Who knows... There might be some women trailing behind the tumultuous groups,” she remarked. 

Shamso: “I see some women waving tiny national flags. At least, that is a good sign for the day. Instead of firearms, they carry flags and water canisters on their backs. As usual, women never drink water from the Discord water. Sometimes, it is tempting, but so far, they have avoided to loose their grace. 

Ggacamey: “ I have a question. Where all these criminals go when the country attains peace and stability? 

Da'ad: ”(Oh...They have international world leaders who are there, ready to host and protect them. They need their spoil money, and sometimes they maybe employ them for the destabilizing the native country, if need be so.” 

Lugey: “All genuine world leaders hunted down Nazi criminals worldwide and brought them to justice to face their crimes committed against humans. Why ours are treated with green carpet and the salute of guard of honor...? 

Ebla: “Because no body cares about the local indigenous population.” 

Shamso: “In good time, let's think about how to get back the ill-gained money they stashed away and deposit onto the chest of the national treasury?” 

Da'ad: “Most of them do not benefit from that money in the long run. They either die by accidents or loose their documents and ID cards,” he explained. 

Suubban: “This is the irony of the political establishment we are dealing with them. They pocket the wealthy of the native country in order to build a foreign economy.” 

Ebla: “Remember, we are the pawns of the Industrial World.” 

Dulmidiid: “Perhaps its time to pray Isha and sleep for a while and move fast before daybreak.” The road is clear now and the light of the moon is fading away. The peace team exchanged more about the new development of the night and fell into deep sleep. before daybreak, the team collected themselves and hit the tarmac road. On the way, they had little time to grape some fallen mango and guava fruits good enough for an early snack. On the way, they had a long discussion about the reminiscent of the past night surprise, as well as analyzing the overall political landscape of the country. 


Scene 5 

Name-giving of Cast Characters 

The characters in the scenes go with their given names, in particular for women, and with adopted nicknames for the males. Male nicknames can be given even before the male baby is born. A boy who lost his father before the birth date is nicknamed Odawaa, pronounced (oda'wa'), which means: He who had lost his father. Waaberi, pronounced (wa'ba'ri) is another example, which means: He who was born at daybreak. Some other given names indicate factors and conditions of the time. A boy born during war conflicts is called Colaad, pronounced (o'la'ad), which translates to: He who was born during war time. Abaar is another name that indicates that a boy is born a drought season, etc... But most of the male nicknames are acquired in early childhood, or in some cases, any time of ones lifetime are mainly based according to one's actions, his attitude, his character and his inclination in real life. In some cases, males and females may be given names which reflect the name of the day, or the time when someone was born, like Isniino (the lady which was born on Monday), Jamca' pronounced (jam'a'), in the case of a female and Jamcaale, pronounce (jam'a'leh), in the case of a male baby boy, born on Friday. 

Men with such gladiator nicknames are few and reflect personal stigma for a lifetime, such as: Duqeeye, burburshe, Dagaaye, Nabad-diid, pronounced respectively (du'qea'yeh) (bur'bur'sheh) (da'gah'yeh) and (na'bad-deed), that pinned on bad guys, according to their attitude, character and inclination, and mean: The crusher, the destroyer, the slate, the antithesis of peace, etc... 

Every child, male or female has a given name right after birth, but some male nicknames show the good side of the person, as well as, a positive personal inclination of doing doing good deeds, such as: Da'ad pronounced (da'ad), which means the genuine/the infallible. Dulmiddid pronounced (dul'mea'deed), which means the righteous/ the no nonsense man. Other male nicknames in the cast are indicative of someone's physical handicap, such as: Gacamey, Lugey, Xusuley, Faroole, pronounced respectively: (ga'a'may), (lu'gay), (hu'su'ley), (fa'ra'leh), which translate to: The man with a handicapped hand, with the handicapped leg, with the handicapped elbow), and so on and so forth. 

Other characters in the cast include: Abdi Agoon (The orphaned young adult who lost his father in the beginning of the civil war in 1991. Ali Bidaar (Ali, the bold) Jamac Fanax (the upper teeth gapped man.) 

Most of women are given beautiful names right after birth, like Shamso, pronounced (sham'soh), which means the lady of golden-yellow complexion like the color of the Sunset. Ubax, pronounced (U'bah), which means the flower. Dahabo, pronounced (da' ha'boa), which means the golden complexioned lady.  Suubban, pronounced (su'ban), which is translated as the faithful/humble lady. Ceebla pronounced (eb'la'), which means the spotless lady. Cawrala, pronounced (aw'ra'la'), which translates to as the perfect lady, etc... Other female names follow the traditional Islamic name giving culture, like Halimo, Fadumo, etc. who are named after the mother and the daughter of Prophet Mohammed (pbah) respectively. Some other women are named after places, such as Istanbuul, pronounced (Is'tan'pool) after the Istanbul City of Turkey, Makka and Medina, pronounced (ma'kah and ma'dea'nah) respectively, after the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, etc... 

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan ( ) - Correspondent

Editorial 13 May 2021 2:35

The current Somali government, whose mandate ended, came to power with the expectations of massive reforms in institutional and development settings. President Farmajo completed his term in office without paving the way for consensus-based elections; instead, he messed up the growing Somali institutions and the trust-building processes.