The Discordant Well Water - The Somali Political Tragedy (Part 7)

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan- Virginia, USA Lack of Common Denominator The current political atmosphere in the Southern Regions of Somalia is blind and hardly offers any wiggling room for reconciliation. From time to time, splinter groups mushroom and rock the boat, because they don't get their share of power spoils. This ongoing political logjam is the major component that bleeds the country to death.
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It creates mass displacement, disruption of civilian way of life, destruction of properties, hunger, diseases, malnutrition, civilian death on high seas, lack of job opportunities, and lately on piracy adventures as short term solution out of desperation. We are always on square one, and no one ever turns the next page that could offer better solutions to stabilize these regions. Let's quote one of the easy solutions. “Dry the infested water pond and the harmful infestations will die under the heat of the tropical sun,” echoed Dulmidiid. “It could be as simple as that, but it needs understanding and ways and means to achieve that,” seconded Abdi Agoon.

“Let's recognize that this part of the country is a long suffering patient who seeks the help of an outstanding medical expert that can make a difference, instead of resorting to military intervention, and without learning the diagnostic results of the ailment(s). We have also to accept the fact that the UN security Council has failed to provide such a reliable physician. A situation lie this, no sane doctor can subscribe any effective medicine to cure an enigmatic malice,” argued Ali Bidaar. “Unfortunately, those who tried to intervene in some way or another handed out generic aspirin, instead,” Ceebla remarked. “Let's localize the political disagreement and the Somali problem by finding a local solution,” Dulmidiid remarked.

The epicenter of the country's problem is the work of politicians who quarrel for political positions. In reality, they don't represent the people and don't care out about their plight. A vulture is never easy on its prey. In fact, politicians thrive on the misery of the people,” wailed a widowed mother who was escorting her seven underage children out the UNISOM rocket shelling.

This is a fact of history. Politicians and warlords were penniless a decade ago. It is the spoils of the ongoing anarchy that enrich them and the world communities is contributing to their largesses by beefing up their opportunities and recognizing their clout, instead of helping directly to the needy masses,” stressed a clinician on the road.

Despite of these oscillating and, in many instances, conflicting circumstances, Da'ad and his his core group carry the torch of hope, and the well-wishing masses rejoice of having a few trusting elements survived who stand for them, and wherever they go, they are received with ground shaking jubilations. “Their presence is reassuring, and I see them as the future hope for the stability of the country,” stressed a well-wishing elder. But in reality, what they can do from day to day is to adjusting a politically charged reality fought on a moving sand.

Unlike other competing faction group, the Peace Core group advocates for reconciliation and stability. Their hidden agenda is to gain some sort of political settlement with moderate warring factions, by influencing and compromising with rivals, if not with all of them, at least with some reliable factions. In all aspects, they have no friendly friends to count on them among the current warlords, the disputant political leaders, the exponents of the wealthy groups who support certain radical faction group(s), or the under-age foot soldiers loyal to respective political faction groups that feed them, as well as the leadership of the TFG.

Foreign military intervention in Somalia is never a feasible solution to the local problem. Never. But the World is heavily investing on sustaining the bunkered UNISOM contingent that lobe rockets to the residential and business centers and killing innocent residents whenever an AK47 is fired to their direction. UNISOM military contingent is backed by UN and AU in their dream of keeping in life the inept TFG on the expenses of the people. The political equation is quite starking: Save a few corrupt politicians, while antagonizing the rest of the population. If these foreign contingents are for peace and stability, then they should hunt down Al-Shabab insurgents to their graves and clean up the mess. They should build schools and refurbish hospitals with much needed medical supplies. They should improve Mogadishu Airport facilities and clean up the berth of the Port. They should provide jobs to the jobless young adults who are easy the prey of radical faction groups. The stark truth is that the world does not care about Somalia's murky political future, or the misery that bleeds the Southern Regions. They fear that Al-Shabab may dominate the Southern Regions, become heaven and springboard for international terrorist groups and threatening the World security; but in reality, the unfeasible policy of UN Security Council about Somalia is radicalizing the Somali masses. The UN Security has to understand the Somalian political web by consulting people on the ground. What's known so far about Somalian political misrepresentation is what the local politicians say or what the neighboring IGAD countries like to sell to the World. Ask Da'ad and Dulmidiid and they'll relate you from A to Z.

For the Peace Core group, the rebirth of women movement is a matter of vital importance. Currently, there's no woman political alliance to count on it, but it is hoped that they will fill the gap in the long run and turn the tide for the best. Da'ad and his team are pinning their hopes on the self-sacrificing emerging women aspirants and the non-committed intellectuals living in diaspora to step up, close ranks with each other and save the people and the country. “We know the strength of women in the political scene of the country, even before we have gained our independence,” affirms Dulmidiid, and that why we encourage them to play their role. “Women are the glue that bonds the Somali society,” reminded Da'ad.

Da'ad flagged down Mr. Dabshid who is running away from the scuffle at the conference and  asked him the overall picture of the situation:
Da'ad: Who is fighting who?
Dabshid: The TFG is fighting with the rest of the faction groups.
Da'ad: Why they fight?
Dabshid: Who chairs the conference.
Da'ad: But they could agree on co-chairmanship.
Dabshid: Except Nabad-diid, other faction leaders are willing to agree on co-chairmanship position.
Da'ad: Besides the TFG, who many faction leaders are there at the reconciliation conference now?
Dabshid: Dibjir faction, Nabadiid faction, Duubweyne faction, Dabshid faction, a delegation from Dagaaye, a delegation from Il-dab and a delegation from UNDP, who is the sponsor of the conference.
Dulmidiid: “The TFG could have played a compromising role.
Dabshid: “The TFG wants to controls the water of the Discord Well,” he elucidated.
Da'ad: “What about other faction groups.”
Dabshid: Like other faction groups, the TFG is only interested its own security and care less the stability in the Southern Regions of Somalia. Chaos and anarchy means a lucrative business to those who like to avoid accountability.
Dulmidiid: “What about other faction groups. What's their position?”
Dabshid: Except Nabad-diid, they want to share cabinet positions with TFG.
Da'ad: “What about Nabad-diid?”
Dabshid: “He wants to have everything by himself. He is not compromising.”
Dulmidiid: “Why did you leave the conference? You could have negotiated on one or two cabinet positions for your faction group?”
Dabshid: “I don't like to face accountability. I feel already the noose of the rope around my neck and I'm on my way out of the local political gimmicks.”
Dulmidiid: “What would you advise us to do now?”
Dabshid: “You could be the only hope to reverse the present deadlock situation. Move on and avert further tragedy to take place,” he encouraged.

The 4th wave of escapees was led by Qiilmawaaye, including his top advisers, family and militia  members, carrying hundreds of brown leather handbags bulging with local and foreign banknotes-the ultimate arsenal of bringing down the current TFG and catapulting himself to top leadership. He is on the road on his way home- the political base of his constituents. To see Qiilmawaaye at this juncture was the greatest surprise of the day that the Peace Core delegation could hardly take it. “This is an interesting development to see a well-rooted cabinet member of TFG on the run and carrying his spoils with him. It sounds that the TFG is in conspiring from within and the rumor of its in-fighting for leadership is taking roots,” Da'ad whispered to his close associates.

Da'ad tried to hail to stop him and inquire what's happening at the conference hall;  but the tied-lipped Qiilmawaaye, just ignored him and passed by, capped with the traditional Somali hat. He trudged on the road supporting himself with ivory walking stick. Fragment of information that Da'ad and his companions snatched from Qiilmawaaye entourage were quite disturbing:

“He has undivided support of clan-based alliance...”
“He has a waterproof political plan...”
“He is eroding the political base of his protégées...”
“He is bribing TFG security forces to abandon their position and letting Al-Shabab to take over without fight...”
“He is the future of the 2nd TFG leadership...”
“He is the king maker and wants to catapult himself on power, or install Mr. Colaad as his political ally at the helm of government...”
“He is going back home in order to consolidate his political base and topple the government behind the screen through a remote control...” and so on and so forth.  

Qiilmawaaye is an enigmatic politician of humble background that came lately on the political scene of the ruling elite. It is said that he is the foremost diabolical cabinet member who carries shoddy dealings  with Al-shabab, pipelining finance and passing intelligence to them. He was a successful businessman prior drinking from Discord Well water. Soon he proved to be a charismatic political acumen that eclipsed contenders from his constituents and becoming a political team player nationwide, as well as internationally. Qiilmawaaye conspires behind the screen against his own political protégées' and pays calculated suicide operations of targeted top government cabinets who do not share his intrigues. He finds shortcut ways of gaining unaccountable wealthy and cultivating prospective warlords as close ally for political marriage. In due course, he found reliable friends who advised him to shoot high and take the helm of the TFG by all means. His tools include: Wealthy, the back up of Al-Shabab militia muscle, and the support of certain clan alliance that support and protect his political ambition.

It is also said that Qiilmawaaye was instrumental of the suicide bombing of Hotel Shamow that tragically killed a number of influential TFG cabinet members, doctors, students and some parents in early 2010. To consolidate his influence in the government bureaucracy, he holds the strings of the purse for the TFG and diverts the budget allocated for the security forces to buy for political favors, while forcing trained forces to abandon their ranks, then sale their guns and ammunition to the opposition factions groups, mainly Al-Shabab, and then melting away into the mainstream of their clans. To have a free hand of disposing security forces and putting the TFG security at risk, Qiilmawaaye had sucked the commander of the security forces and gave away bribing funds to junior commanders holding certain strategic points vital for the survival of the leadership so that Al-Shabab militia could move without fight in order to cordon off Villa Somalia- The seat of TFG and the residence of the President, the Prime Minister and cabinet members.

By Prof. Mohamoud Iman Adan ( ) - Correspondent

Editorial 13 May 2021 2:35

The current Somali government, whose mandate ended, came to power with the expectations of massive reforms in institutional and development settings. President Farmajo completed his term in office without paving the way for consensus-based elections; instead, he messed up the growing Somali institutions and the trust-building processes.