US-trained elite forces killed terrorists in Somalia raid

The Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group has been waging attacks in Somalia and Kenya for a decade in an attempt to oust the government.

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US-trained elite forces killed terrorists in Somalia raid

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The US-trained Somalia's special forces known as the "Danab brigade" have launched a new offensive in the southern part of the country as the SNA making gains in the battle against Al-Shabaab. 

The planned operations were carried out in terrorist hideouts in the Lower Juba region with the officials leading the assault saying more than 15 militants were killed in a gunfight.

During the operation, Danab Commandos destroyed Al-Shabaab bases and seized some weapons left by the fleeing militants, according to the military commanders in Jubaland state.

The Government forces have doubled their counter-terrorism operations in the country's south and central regions ahead of the elections due to start next week.

On Sunday, the SNA along with Galmudug forces regained control of Camara in the south of the Mudug region after an attack that forced the Al-Shabaab fighters to vacate the area.


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