15 die, 60 other injury in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (Keydmedian.net)-Casualties of a heavy fighting between the government forces backed by African union peacekeepers and Islamist Milatias that occurred yesterday morning and afternoon in the capital Mogadishu, increased the latest hours, medical officers said.
News Keydmedia Online

The fighting started with mortars and other heavy guns in Hodan district in the morning sporadically, but it intensified late afternoon and caused the death of 15 people and wound of 60 others, reports said.

Mortar shells were falling into the either sides of warring groups and killed and injured people and one of mortars fell in a refugee camp near ex-Digfeer hospital close to war zone and killed number of people including four young children of one family, an old woman said speaking to the local radios in Mogadishu while crying.

Spokesmen of the warring groups claimed success they reached from each other and this is largest confrontation between the government army backed by AMINSOM and Islamist militias of Hisbul Islam and Al-shabab since the holy Ramadan Month began.

Islamist militias announced already that they would redouble their attacks against AMISOM and the government headed by Sharif Ahmed and would let people hear good news, but no one knows what the good news that makes people happy would be.




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