15 killed in renewed clan fighting in southern Somalia

MARKO (KON) - At least fifteen people reportedly killed and scores were wounded in a renewed deadly clan-fighting in Somalia's Lower Shabelle province on Saturday, KON reports.
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15 killed in renewed clan fighting in southern Somalia

Local reports say, two armed clan militiamen exchanged heavy and small weapons at KM-50 vicinity which lies between Lower Shabelle regional capital of Marka and Afgoye town of southern Somalia and the clashes continued for hours on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, Soldiers from the armed forces of Mogadishu-based Federal Government of Somalia belonged to a clan have begun to thrust into the licensed Biyamal Militiamen positions in K.50, about 50Km south of Mogadishu, causing the deaths of 15 people, locals said.

 “Yesterday’s fighting was unfortunate and it has affected the lives of hundreds of families who previously fled from their homes in the town of KM-50 and surrounding villages”  a resident said on condition of anonymity.

The tribal fighting which has been mainly taking place around Janale, Marka and the “KM-50” area claimed an estimate of more than seventy lives and lead to the displacement of hundreds of people during over the past few months.

Somalia’s ministry of defence was not yet available for comment on the accusations that it was responsible for instigating violence in the region.

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