5 arrested as Mandera fighting leaves two dead

NAIROBI, Kenya (KON) – One more person was killed on Monday morning in renewed inter-clan fighting between the Garreh and Degodia tribesmen in Mandera bringing the number of those slain to two since Saturday.
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5 arrested as Mandera fighting leaves two dead

Police Spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki revealed that five people had also been arrested in connection with the incident and are helping the police with investigations.

Mboroki indicated that additional police officers had been deployed to the area in a bid to restore peace and security.

“So far the National Police Service officers have arrested five people who are undergoing interrogation and recovered an AK-47 rifle with 28 rounds of ammunition,” she stated.

She is also urging elders and political leaders to take the initiative in preaching peace and harmony among their communities for the sake of cohesive co-existence.

“This problem did not start yesterday, it started last year. There is a political issue in it and also we cannot rule out the way the communities have been living among themselves. They are nomads and they keep moving from one place to another looking for pasture and water and as a result of that, they keep on fighting one another and that is why we as the National Police Service, are trying to tell the leaders to talk to these people because they come from their community,” she said.

She stated that it is only through concerted efforts by the local leaders that lasting peace can be attained.

“It is only the elders who can bring about these changes. As police officers, we only go there so that we may restore law and order and we have seen that in many incidences. We have done so and that is why we are calling on the elders of those communities to come forward and talk to their people so that there may be peace,” she said.

In the meantime, the Kenya Red Cross Society has temporarily suspended services in Rhamu area of Mandera North sub-county until the government takes urgent steps to stem insecurity.

Secretary General Abbas Gullet explained that the action became necessary after two of their ambulances were attacked on Sunday night following renewed inter-clan fighting.

He pointed out that at least 43 people had been injured in the latest flare-up.

Gullet indicated that the violence is politically instigated and has left over 100,000 internally displaced people since it began in May this year.

The latest fighting started on Friday night when armed men attacked the town and injured three people.

The fighting continued for the better part of Sunday leaving several wounded and others displaced.

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