60 killed by fighting in Lower Jubba region, telecommunication lines cut off

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia) - At least 60 people were killed and many others injured in a heavy battle with mortar shells between Somalia warlord Gandi militias backed by Kenyan army and Al-Shabab militants in Lower Jubba region of southwestern Somalia, witnesses said.
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According to the local resident who spoke to Keydmedia Somali said the combat which was fierce flared up after the islamist militants launched an ambush offensive on a base manned by Kenya and the clan militias at Hosingow,a small township which is just about 25 Km away west of Afmadow district.

Witnesses confirmed that at least 60 combatants from both warring sides have been killed in the ambush attack. Both Kenya military officials and Al-shabab claimed victory and the upper hand of the battle which continued all last night and this morning.

Kenyan fighter planes bombed several residential areas in Husingow village and nearby jungle locations, killing and wounding uncorfirmed civilians during the aerial attack.

The latest news from the battle zone suggest that all telecommunication lines are cut off in several town in Lower Jubba region, mainly Afmadow, Dhobalay and Hosingow where rival forces are fighting each day for the control of the region. 

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