A well-known business man killed in Somalia capital

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Keydmedia) – An armed group shot and killed overnight a well-known business man in the lawless Somalia capital, Mogadishu, relatives said on Saturday.
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Relatives also confirmed to Keydmedia English News that a man armed with a pistol opened fire on Aydurus Dalfa’ while he was at his home with his family members at Mogadishu’s Waberi district, wounding the businessman.

“Mr.Dalfac got injured seriously in the attack and was taken to the local hospital where he late passed away from his wounds, the perpetrators escaped from the scene after the shooting” a relative told Keydmedia English News.

It was not immediately clear the reason behind the murder of the businessman at Waberi district in Mogadishu, an area that largely controls by Somali government and AU soldiers.

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