Al-Qaeda linked Al-shabab rebels behead 5 in Kismayu town

Kismayu, Somalia (Keydmedia) - The Al-Qaeda linked Al-shabab rebels beheaded on Wednesday five civilians in the coastal town of Kismayu,500 Km away south of Somalia capital, Mogadishu, residents say.
News Keydmedia Online

The dead bodies of five beheaded civilians by Especial group loyal to Ahmed Godane, the leader of Al-shabab militias were brought into Kismayu General Hospital in southern Somalia, the 5 men were among 20 people captured this week by the militants inside the town, most of them youths.

Al-shabab accused these people of spying for the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF) in that region. According to local residents, But the beheadings in the southern Somalia town of Kismayu were believed to be the largest number of killings at one time.

“They killed them, and abandoned their bodies in the centre of the town and they also have 15 other people unknown locations, who they accuse spying for Kenya and the government,” a resident in Kismayu town told Keydmedia English News by phone, on condition of anonymity.

This cruel incident sparked off fear and anxiety among parents in Kismayu town, the capital of Lower Jubba region of Somalia which is controlled by Al-shabab rebels linked with Al-Qaeda. - Kismayu, Somalia

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