Al-Shabaab executes man for killing his mom and brother

The Al-Qaeda-linked group confirmed the execution, which took place on Tuesday afternoon in Shaw, Hiran region.

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Al-Shabaab executes man for killing his mom and brother

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Al-Shabaab has publicly executed a man convicted of killing his mother and brother in the central town of Jalalaqsi in the Hiran region last year.

The terrorist group announced the execution on its pro-media outlets on Wednesday, saying the shooting was carried out in a public square in Shaw area with the presence of hundreds of local residents, including women and children.

An unnamed Al-Shabaab judge at the scene of the execution said the convict - Mohamed Alasow Abdi had admitted to beheading his 72-year-old mom - Halimo Osman and his brother Moalim Mohamud Alasow inside an Islamic Madrassa in the province.

The man was tied to a pole and shot by a firing squad from Al-Shabaab shortly after the self-proclaimed court judge sentenced him to death for the cold-blooded murder that sent a wave of shock and panic among the local residents.

Al-Shabab, Al-Qaeda’s East Africa ally, has been waging a deadly insurgency for almost 10 years to oust the UN-backed Somali government and expel AU troops from the Horn of Africa nation.


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Warar 24 July 2021 15:48

Duqeymaha waxay u diidayaan Al-Shabaab inay hesho fursad ay isku abaabusho, oo ay ku qorsheyso weeraro, kuna tababarto dagaalyahanno cusub, dhanka kale, Mareykanka ayaa duqeymihii uu Soomaaliya ka geystay sanadihii lasoo dhaafay ku laayay shacab badan oo rayid ah.