Al-Shabaab raids military base outside port city in Somalia

The port city has been under Jubaland state control since 2012 after KDF pushed the militants out of their bases during a military operation.

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Al-Shabaab raids military base outside port city in Somalia

KISMAYO, Somalia - At least two soldiers are confirmed dead and several others hurt in a heavy battle between Al-Shabaab and Jubaland regional forces near Kismayo city last night.

The fighting resulted from an ambush raid on the Jubaland army outpost in Baarka locality in north of Somalia's southern port city with residents reporting a high number of casualties.

An official within Jubaland state said the regional army managed to fend off the attack after receiving an instant reinforcement from Kismayo. The combat lasted for at least three hours.

The conflict caused mass displacement by the local villagers who fled to nearby safer areas to escape from any harm. Al-Shabaab has not yet commented on the latest terror attack.

However, Jubaland officials say they had the upper hand of the clashes and killed 10 militants have been killed in the area. Keydmedia Online could independently verify such claims.

Al-Shabaab stepped up attacks in the country as part of its decade-long insurgency trying to oust the UN-backed Somali government in Mogadishu and expel AU troops protecting it.


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