Al-Shabaab retakes town in Somalia after battle

The terrorist group has stepped up attacks against military bases in the country as Somalia heads to the polls.

Warar Keydmedia Online
Al-Shabaab retakes town in Somalia after battle

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Al-Shabaab militants have recaptured a town in southern Somalia after overpowering Somali troops who retreated to nearby areas, according to residents.

Dahir Nur, an elder in Deynunay has confirmed to Keydmedia Eglish Service that dozens of Al Shabaab fighters swept into the strategic town and lectured locals for at least two hours before raising their black banner over the police and administrative headquarters. 

There was no immediate confirmation of the casualties inflicted on both sides during the heavy clashes that affected the local villagers who didn't go to their business and farming.

The seizure of Deynunay town which is located about 18Km away from Bay regional capital, Baidoa on Wednesday morning deals a big blow to the Somali government efforts to flush out of Al-Shabaab from the remaining areas under its control.

It is the first town in the Bay region to be recaptured by Al-Shabaab after Somali troops have begun operations in the Middle Shabelle region, where hundreds of militants and soldiers were killed in the past three weeks.


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