Al-shabab & Shabelle Valley administration claim victory over yesterday’s fighting in Hiran region

A huge fighting between Al-shabaab and pro-government Shabelle Valley administration accrued yesterday in Beledweyne suburb and the two factions claimed victory.
News Keydmedia Online

Al-shabaab’s spokesman for fighters, Abdi Aziiz Abuu Muc’ab, told local media they have killed three soldiers from their opponent in the battle, which happened in El Gal resident in the eastern Beledweyne suburb.

Meanwhile, one of officials of Shabelle Valley administration alleged their faction defeated Al-shabaab and will continue the fighting till their administration revive the security of Hiran rejoin.

Though the two rival factions announced claims and counter-claims, residents in region said that the two sides reached no progress in the clashes

Three civilians were killed and three homes in El Gal resident destroyed in the fighting.

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