Al-shabab claims deadly car bomb blast in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (Keydmedia) – Al-Shabaab militias, which is linked to Al-Qaida, claimed on Wednesday responsibility for a deadly car bomb blast hit in the lawless Somalia capital, Mogadishu that left more than 15 innocent people dead.
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Sheik Abdi-aziz AbuMusab, the spokesman of Al-shabab militias for the military operations told in a telephone interview with a rebel-controlled local FM radio based in Elasha-Biyah, an area which is just about 18-Km away from south of Mogadishu that the group has carried out a mini-luxury car bomb blast that killed scores of people and left many others wounded at a Café near Muna Hotel in the capital.

Continuing, the spokesman also said they have killed 15 Somali government officials among MPs and intelligence servants in the blast who were at the Café when the car exploded in the aftermath the attack severely burnt bodies were scattered on the spot and blood strained nearby walls.

Abu Musab vowed that Al-shabab will keep carrying out such ruthless attacks in Mogadishu after the were defeated and pushed back from the main positions in the capital last year in a result of a joint military offensives by TFG soldiers and AMISIOM forces.

"I saw the car before it exploded. I was in the spot just minutes before, but fortunately I had moved back a few hundred steps when I heard a large explosion behind me" a Somali MP said.

Hundreds of Government soldiers arrived at the scene to disperse the people trying to help the wounded and collect the bodies of the dead, firing gunshots in all directions. Somali civil society in Mogadishu condemned this attack against civilinas. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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