Al-Shabab militants attack Kenyan-Somali army convoy, 8 killed

KISMAYU , Somalia (Keydmedia) - At least eight people were confirmed killed and many others wounded in the latest gun battles between the armed militias loyal to the renegade Somali warlord Gandi supported by the invading Kenyan military and Al-shabab rebels in Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia, Keydmedia reports.
News Keydmedia Online

Local residents in Badade town told Keydmedia Somali by telephone from the town that the clashes erupted when a Kenyan-Somali military convoy had been ambushed as they were traveling Wednesday on the road sets between Kulbiyow and Badade districts in southern Somalia.

Four Al-shabab fighters, three Kenya soldiers and a Somali combatant were killed during the combat, according to independent sources. No civilian casualties were reported so far.

Both warring sides have not commented on the attack so far, but the situation is reported to have become quiet, after the fighting subsided early hours on Wednesday and locals begun their daily tasks.the area is under full control of the allied forces.

Al-Shabab is locked in a battle with the weak UN-back Transitional Federal Government (TFG) for control of the parts of the country which are currently outside its power, particularly the capital, Mogadishu and many strategic towns in south and central Somalia. - Kismayu, Somalia


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