Al-Shabab shoots down a Kenya plane in southtern Somalia

KISMAYU, Somalia (Keydmedia)- A Kenyan war plane was reportedly shot down on Thursday by the Islamist militants of Al-shabab in southtern Somalia region after 24-hours of fierce fighting, according to locals.
News Keydmedia Online

Al-Shabab rebels have reportedly said that they have shot down Kenya airplane which is said to be part of the battle jets in the region. A senior Al-Shabab official has told the press in the region that his fighters attacked the aircraft with anti-aircraft weapons and shot it down. He further said they saw the airplane crash in.

The Kenyan military denied strongly reports that its helicopter was shot down in area,8 Km away east from Hosingo town in Lower Jubba region“The reports that a military chopper was shot down are false, unfounded and actuated by extreme malice,” said Major Emmuneal Chir Chir, Kenyan military spokesman

Chirchir said the early morning raid on an Al-Shabaab base, about 8 km east of Hosingo, was carried out by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and Transitional Federal Government of Somalia troops on patrol backed by KDF jet fighters, killed at least 40 Al-Shabaab fighters and wounded many others in the latest fighting in southern part of the Horn of Africa nation. - Mogadishu, Somalia

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